Indoor Beer Garden at Old Irving Brewing


The wow factor was on alert the moment I entered Old Irving Brewing. The venue is chic, spotless, and warehouse-style with extremely affable staff. It was immediately apparent a lot of thought went into the design of the space. Several unique touches were noted with my favorite being the bench and pillows underneath a quote by Washington Irving – “They who drink beer will think beer.”


The head brewer, Trevor, takes beer seriously. I had an informative conversation with him about brewing beer and even had the pleasure of tasting one still in the tank. The taproom houses 10 drafts and offers four sizes for most of them (they even share the grains and hops used for each beer on the menu). I drank a Goat Destroyer, Guten Abend, and Liquid Jazz. They were all quite palatable; however, the stand-out was the Liquid Jazz Nitro Milk Stout (I bet no one is surprised).

Craft Beer Week is going to be out of control here, especially on Wednesday night for their Molecular Beer-Stronomy event.


The staff also takes pride in the food menu, making their own bread and designating a specific one for each sandwich. I was in need of veggies and couldn’t leave without trying the Wood Fired Cauliflower. It was unlike anything I have had and so delectable.


A major perk is the indoor beer garden. With Chicago’s unpredictable weather and four seasons, it doesn’t get any better than this. Roll up garage-style windows are available to let in the seasonable air. In addition, there is a separate area to play cornhole. Doesn’t this excite you to no end, Chicagoans?!



Old Irving Brewing couldn’t be more convenient in terms of public transportation. It’s a 5-minute walk from the Montrose Blue Line stop, which makes for an ideal location to drink beer and eat food en route to and from O’Hare Airport.

Fun fact:  The brewery was established from scratch and everyone involved in the process lives in the neighborhood, hence how the name was derived.

My gratitude to the staff for an absolutely delightful afternoon, especially Joshua, Trevor, and Jeff. I look forward to my next visit, which will be a secret for now:)


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