Thank You, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Thank You, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Dear Dr. Christine Blasey Ford:

I’m writing to you on a quiet, clear night in Chicago mere hours after your testimony on Capitol Hill. I’m writing from a place of collective womanhood – my words are mere droplets in what I pray is a monsoon of support and gratitude for what you did, today.

I’m not a big fan of “bandwagon” posts: pieces that feel like they were written from a place of viral desperation – carefully timed to catch a ride on the current cultural riptide of relevancy. But today I hope everyone with a pen a pad or a platform openly applauds your bravery so it is forever etched in time and space that today was a day of Extraordinary Courage in the face of Overwhelming Bullshit.

Thank you, Dr. Ford, for sharing with us the truth about that day. About that assault. About that man.

And to all of you Cavemen who, in the wake of this testimony, twisted the narrative into anything other than What to do now in the light of this Dark Truth – I loathe and abhor your indecency. Shame on you you old white farts in high places. Shame on you. (And frankly shame on your wives for not taking you to task for your ignoble attitudes towards women…)

And for anyone trolling the truth tonight, you will be marked as spam when you get here kbye.


This morning on my drive to work I pushed aside the impulse to hide from the ideological knife fight going on in our nation’s capital. Sometimes it feels gross and disingenuous to participate in the charade of elite prep boys/high school buddies being inserted into positions of power by other prep boy/high school buddies. But today I turned my radio to the hearing out of respect for you and your family, and the scathing sacrifices you have made to bring the truth out of the shame and the shadows.

After Senator Feinstein’s introduction, you became a real and relatable person in a matter seconds: you asked for caffeine. This was not some fabled headline drama: you are a real woman. An accomplished woman. A survivor. 

As you spoke, it was like the part of my heart that makes me a woman rose up out of my Hyundai, flew to Washington DC, sat beside you, held your hand, and wept with you.

I wept because I knew every word you uttered was true.

I wept because you had to do what you did today.

I wept because the Republicans were too chicken shit to subpoena Mark Judge: too self-serving to demand the truth.

I wept because I knew that there was still a chance that that awful, awful man may still be elevated to an office that doesn’t deserve him in a country that will forever loathe him.

I wept because I know that somewhere in her heart, Kavanaugh’s wife believes you.

I wept because of the price your family has paid for a debt that was never yours.

I wept to think about how baffled your husband must have been. “…but why two doors, why?” And I wept, again, to think of the moment when it began to dawn on him why the two doors, why…

But mostly I wept because the same moral pus that emboldened Kavanaugh’s actions at that party was leveraged to dismiss, erase, and excuse his crime. Once you left the room, Dr. Ford, the narrative was  predictably twisted by political vampires into that stealth, subversive stake so often driven into the heart of gender equality: it is okay for him to have ruined a woman’s life all those years ago, but for his life to now be ruined by her – unacceptable.

Your statement was eloquent, courageous, concise, and honest, Dr. Ford. And it was more than enough. Game over, Judge.

Thank you, Dr. Ford. Thank you, and God Bless. Patriotism is putting country before self. You, Dr. Ford, are a true Patriot.

I pray that our Senators have a better moral compass than this Supreme Court nominee.


That’s my piece, and that’s my peace. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit me, here. It truly means the world to me. Carry on…


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