Is it me or does the OK emoji look a little too 'white-power'-ish?

Is it me or does the OK emoji look a little too 'white-power'-ish?

Hey, who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory, ammah right? My favorite rabbit hole is the “Did Paul McCartney get replaced after he died in a car crash” theory. (wait why did his hairline reverse directions around his crown?)

Even after insomniatic binges of alarmingly persuasive YouTube videos, I’m very careful to avoid publicly proclaiming any out-of-the-box theory as fact. For me, chasing down “the truth” is less about fact-finding and more about the guilty pleasure of the hunt. 

So I keep those late-night explorations to myself until there is an irrefutable, air-tight case for their truth – complete with sources – to protect me from the humiliation of being SNOPES-ed. Sure I may bring up Maybe Dead Paul in some cocktail party small-talk situation, but I’m not posting any links to social media spaces that could be traced back to me.

What I’m sharing today, however, is NOT a conspiracy theory. I’m not suggesting that there is some covert infiltration of emoji circles by white supremacists at Apple covertly subverting the mainstream with a symbol of hate.

I even know that in May of 2017, the Anti-Defamation League declared that the OK symbol was not an official hate symbol, though tell that to the racist AF Pepe (whom they DID proclaim as a symbol of hate):


I AM saying that there is something off about that tiny hand OK emoji on my phone.


Quick: make the “OK” gesture with your hand, then look at the placement of the thumb and fingertip. They overlap, right? It’s like you are about to flick a paper football.


Now look at this:


Who does that? In college, people used it as a jerky joke to pull focus during group pictures, but these days the only people I see making this gesture are self-avowed white supremacists, like Richard Spencer:


These delights:




This guy:


 That pizza shop conspiracy shithead:


And now back to the emoji:


So yah no, even if it’s not an ‘official’ symbol of hate, the current OK emoji is too soaked with alt-right barf to be sent to anyone I consider a friend. Symbols are powerful, powerful things, and are almost impossible to reclaim. Just ask the Hindus about the swastika.

If another OK emoji is released that more accurately depicts that harmless hand gesture, I’ll get back in the OK texting game. Until then, I’m a thumbs-up only girl (despite the fact that it looks like the thumb got hit by a hammer…)


Oh, and if someone takes issue with my “over-sensitivity” to the uptick in out-and-proud white supremacy in this country, I have another emoji for them:



That’s my piece, and that’s my peace. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my silly words. It truly means the world to me. Carry on…


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