Doesn't God talk to everyone through Hallmark Channel movies?

Doesn't God talk to everyone through Hallmark Channel movies?
image by ja gledhill

For me, turning on a random Hallmark Movie Channel is much like randomly opening an ancient spiritual tome and reading from the middle of the page: I’m always given some sage spiritual advice that is relevant to my current situation.

It’s freak-ehhh.

On tonight’s Hallmark Channel movie, Andrew McCarthy was a cowboy-hat-wearing recluse who lived on a ranch in Wyoming. His was the voice of reason that eventually pulls the big city photographer back to her authentic self. I think.

I turned the TV on just before Ms. Photographer got a scoldin’ from Andrew. She was compromising her artistic integrity, ya see….taking pictures of stuff that she knew would sell, but not necessarily the stuff she really wanted to shoot.

Andrew made some snarky comment about how she knew “what the people want.”  She dismissed the simple rancher with the adorable, St. Elmo’s Fire grin. “I’m afraid you don’t know how things work.”

But never underestimate a hermit wearing cowboy boots, ladies. His response was as swift and cheesy as cheddar from a can:

“That may be true, but ah DO understand yew. Lak how ah know you need others’ approval to justify chasin’ your dreams.” – Tyler Ross the horse rancher

Deep as the ocean, Hallmark Channel.

I turned it off after the next scene when the city slicker shutterbug stepped into the lineup after the only woman on Andrew’s team gets hurt. Without a female player, they would have to forfeit the game!

Missy Photog steps up to the plate and slams a home run, dumfounding their cross town rivals. They never saw it coming! (Especially the pitcher. He was so mad at himself for giving her an easy pitch he threw his glove down and kicked it.)



That’s my piece, and that’s my peace. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my silly words. It truly means the world to me. Carry on…


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