David Brent the Rockstar, Nepotism in Schitt's Creek, and One "Horizontal Monday" at a Time

David Brent the Rockstar, Nepotism in Schitt's Creek, and One "Horizontal Monday" at a Time
photo by JA Gledhill

One of the tools I use to disentangle my mind from the roller coaster of Trumpfuckery is the television. 

This past Monday was particularly excessive – it was a total crash and burn day. I had planned to go to the office to get some stuff done but it wasn’t in the cards: it was Horizontal Monday.

Here was my day:

1.Schitt’s Creek: Only watched one episode. I couldn’t recognize Catherine O’Hara in her own face. (not because she had had work done…I’m not really sure why she looked so different to me. Maybe I’ve forgotten what real age looks like in Hollywood) I felt conflicted about Eugene Levy’s son’s performance: was it good because he is his father’s son? Or was it not very good at all? I might never know.

2.The Netflix one-time movie sequel to the British version of The Office. (I hadn’t either) It was another mockumentary, and in it David Brent chases his dream of being a rock star.

As usual, I was WILDY uncomfortable in how much I identified with the character of David Brent. There is something in me that wholly relates to his wild-eyed ambition: embarrassing and delusional to everyone but him.


3. Norman Lear’s Netflix re-boot of One Day at a Time. Visually, it’s pretty faithful to the original set – which I loved. The single Mom protagonist Penelope is played by a latina actress who went to Lane Tech here in Chicago. The Schneider character is a young, super-cute, super-charming white guy. Weird.

Also weird but hella cool: Bernado’s girlfriend “Anita” from West Side Story is on that show, you guys! (Rita, of course) Puerrrrrrrto Rico…….you LOVE-ly islannnnd …..


The cheesy acting/script/canned laughter is just as comforting and annoying as it was in the 70’s when Eddie Van Halen’s now ex-wife stole the spotlight from the troubled offspring of one of the Mammas and the Pappas.

Oh, and the Mom also crazy overacts, just like Mrs. Romano!

Audience beaten over the head with topical social issues? Check!   

This was the show I ended up watching the most on Horizontal Monday. #noapologies 

4. Santa Clarita Diet: (spoiler alert)  Drew Barrymore becomes a zombie. Our girl Drew is a grown woman now, and that fact is creepier than all the barf in Episode 1.


That’s my piece, and that’s my peace. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my silly words. It truly means the world to me. Carry on…


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