We will "come together" and "unite" when you admit we have a huge racism problem in this country

We will "come together" and "unite" when you admit we have a huge racism problem in this country
photo credit: Abel Uribe / Chicago Tribune

First things first: if you are a Republican Trump voter, you are not the one to be schooling me on unity. Take a snapshot of the Republican national convention, then take a snapshot of the Democratic national convention, then tell me which party truly practices unity.

In fact, people like me have been screaming for unity for years, yet our efforts to demand civility towards the disenfranchised in the American discourse was spat upon, slapped with the awkward label “Political Correctness,” and we were told to simmer down and just let the Real Americans speak how they wanna speak TYVM.

Now, as we take to the streets to stand for the preservation of those civil rights that so many have fought to achieve, you call us “poor losers” (missing the point completely) and “entitled” and then blame our anger on plastic participation trophies. (that were made in China, BTW. Stay on point.) 

So, come together? Unite? Talk is cheap.

If you are a Democratic/Independent voter, we are already united in our desire for this country to succeed.

We are united in our heartbreak about the ghost towns littered across the midwest – shuttered factories with cracked blacktops sitting alongside rows and rows of dying homes that should probably be bulldozed to the ground. That rubble is the price paid for WalMart to be the King of low prices and low taxes. 

We are united in our rage against rising health care costs – if DJT can create a health care plan that cares for all Americans like they are real Americans, let’s link arms and get a chocolate sundae together.

But until you admit that we have a raging racism problem in this country – one that is rapidly spreading to all non-white skinned Americans and becoming more dangerous by the day, then no. We are not united. We can not come together, for that would make us complicit in the erosion of real freedom in this country.

Look, I don’t even think DJT was really that person who resembled a Klan leader at his rallies. I believe in my heart that he was playing the reality show star in “Survivor: Presidential Election.” The biggest asshole always wins in an elimination show.

But still – he knowingly and blatantly let the white supremacy genie out of the bottle in order to win, and that is no easy fix.

(Please, please, please don’t play dumb on this. Please. Just open up a web browser and start reading – people are being attacked with the “Trump” chant as soundtrack.)

Tell you what. I won’t even ask him to apologize for doing what he did. I don’t believe he has the self-awareness to understand anything other than his own rise. And if fixing the trickle-down economic lie and saving the dying middle class brings him that attention he so craves – great. Yes! Tic Tacs all around. 

But if there is to be unity among us, he must be a leader and ask that hate-fueled racial attacks against fellow Americans STOP. Immediately. 

And for that to happen, he has to acknowledge that it’s happening. And if he acknowledges it, then so do you.

And do not insult us and pretend that this is a consequence of anything any politician did. This is a bull that has run wild for decades, and the politicians have only been the rodeo clowns who have ridden that bull for glory.

If not? No deal.


That’s my piece, and that’s my peace. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my silly words. It means the world. Carry on…


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