Ten totally awesome things that happened during the (non) Trump rally in Chicago

Ten totally awesome things that happened during the (non) Trump rally in Chicago

What a night, what a city – my kind of town! I had suspected that Chicago might not be so welcoming to a man whose political platform threatens just about every principle this city is built upon.

And boy, howdy…

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more in awe of this city – one set at my soul’s room temperature – than I did tonight. Chicago outright rejected Mr. Orange’s white-centric power-play – and I was there to see it.

So here are ten totally awesome things that happened during the (non) Trump rally in Chicago:

10. Lots, and lots of empty chairs! (and half of the people who filled the chairs were not even Trump supporters – bonus) As it turns out, Chicago is just not big into white fundamentalism…

9. There were so many big white guys at the front of the stage that if you started feeling uncomfortable about being at a Trump rally, you could escape by squinting and pretending you were at a Bruce Springsteen concert.

"Baby we were born, to runnnnnnn"

“Baby we were born, to runnnnnnn”

8. Protesters inside and outside of the Pavilion, while certainly very emotional, remained peaceful.  I was one of the last people out of the building, then I walked around for about an hour – it was a beautiful night in a peaceful city! (Why is the news reporting riots? Wholly untrue. There were sporadic incidents of aggression, nothing more. I never felt I was in any danger. Also: see #2) ***

7. A bunch of Trump supporters sang in unison to Elton John’s “Rocket Man” – and then blanked on the lyrics of “Tiny Dancer.”

6. There was an explosion of raw jubilation when it was announced that the rally was cancelled. It was a victorious exaltation accompanied by a chorus of black, white, and brown fists rising into the air – not as a symbol of aggression, but as an act of unity and praise.

5. The Trump supporters sitting around me – up in the nosebleed section – were also totally calm, cool, and peaceful. When it was announced that the rally was cancelled, us old fogies in the balcony stood (mostly) in silence with our arms crossed, watching those crazy kids get so emotional about everything. The guy to my right joked about the stark contrast between the balcony and the main floor: “We must be in the small business owner section,” he said, and we all laughed together. Then the gentleman to my left decided to call it a night, and told me to ‘get home safe.’

4. The young Chicagoans on the floor chanted, “USA, USA, USA.”  It was the ray of hope about the future that I have been sorely missing during this – the most frightening political season of my adult life.

3. We saw irrefutable proof that there IS something that can take down Trump’s ego: CHICAGO.

2. The CPD was spectacular this evening. Spectacular. Unfortunately, in the wake of some pretty horrific revelations, the public trust between our men in blue and the citizens of Chicago has taken a hit. Yes, we have some rebuilding to do but tonight we were united.  The Chicago Police Department had Chicago’s back, and we felt it. So thank you.


1.  We did it, Chicago! We defeated Trump! You guys, don’t you know what that means? If we can run Trump out of town, then surely we can get his name off of that building on the Chicago River. WHO’S WITH ME, PEOPLE??? If we can take down Trump, then we can take down “T-R-U-M-P!”


So you go on, now. Git, Trump. You keep peddling that whole “Make America Great” lie, and we’ll just keep living in the city that’s “Already Great.”

**And a big thanks to my buddy Howard over at I’ve Got the Hippie Shakes for watching out for my alter-ego Unintentionally Fascist Pam at the rally.


That’s my piece, and that’s my peace. Thank you for taking the time to read my silly words. It truly means the world to me. Carry on…


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