"Holy Sh*t!" and 15 other reactions I had while watching Grease Live

Grease Live on Fox? HOLY SHIT that was FREAKING AWESOME.

“My” Grease, the Travolta/Olivia Newton-John Grease, was and will forever be an iconic piece of Americana. It is one of the films that stitched my youth into a cohesive memory. I can sing those songs with any and all of my childhood friends. Hell, I can sing those songs with anyone born before 1980.  We all shared the planet with “a wella wella wella HUH! Tell me moooore tell me mooore….”

Grease is so important to me that I WANTED the live event to be good, whereas usually when you hijack a childhood favorite, I make mental voodoo dolls in an attempt to curse the endeavor into oblivion. (I’m looking at you, Be Cool, Scooby-Doo. You aren’t Family Guy…)

And I’m not even going to play coy, here. Last night’s event was an epic endeavor that worked. REALLY worked. Here’s some snippets from my mind as the familiar was made new in Grease Live:

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