I'm back! (And if you didn't hate me before, you will after reading this list!)

Hey, folks! I’m back from a self-imposed hiatus during which I focused my brain on the half-written novel that’s (still) lodged up in there. During my time away from ChicagoNow, my passive-aggressive, moody muse whispered a few thousand words in my ear, then slipped out the window while I was sleeping. (bitch)

When I realized she had taken off, I thought “What better way to jumpstart OSM than by alienating as many people as I possibly can?  Yes! I will make a list of  things about myself that make me seem like a monster! I’ll create a sort of chalk outline of my utterly unthinkable opinions, using images from the fantastic collection of images recently released to the public by the British Library.” (photo credits at the bottom of this post) So, without further ado, I present to you:

20 THINGS I CAN’T STAND! (but that most people like)

As usual, thank you for taking the time to read my silly words. It truly means the world. Carry on..

Old Single Mom
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SLIDE 1: ‘A Pictorial History of Ancient Rome. With sketches of the history of Modern Italy … Revised and improved edition’ 

SLIDE 2: ‘Through China with a Camera … With … illustrations’ 

SLIDE 3: ‘Queen of the Jesters, and her strange adventures in Paris, etc’

SLIDE 4: ‘Thrilling Life Stories for the Masses’

SLIDE 5: ‘Paris à travers les siècles. Histoire nationale de Paris et des Parisiens depuis la fondation de Lutèce jusqu’à nos jours, etc’

SLIDE 6: ‘[Sing-Song. A nursery rhyme book. … With … illustrations by A. Hughes, etc.]’

SLIDE 7: ‘The Devil’s Case. A bank holiday interlude. [In verse.]’

SLIDE 8: ‘Domestic Annals of Scotland from the Reformation to the Rebellion of 1745 … Abridged edition’

SLIDE 9: ‘The Muses of Mayfair. Selections from vers de société of the nineteenth century. (Translations from the French and German. By E. Grey.)’

SLIDE 10: ‘[Brazil and the Brazilians … in historical and descriptive sketches … Engravings.]’

SLIDE 11: ‘Hengler’s promenade concerts’

SLIDE 12: ‘Through the Wilds. A record of sport and adventure in the forests of New Hampshire and Maine’

SLIDE 13: ‘The Mummy’s Dream, an Egyptian story of the Exodus. Written and illustrated by H. B. Proctor’

SLIDE 14: ‘[Sing-Song. A nursery rhyme book. … With … illustrations by A. Hughes, etc.]’

SLIDE 15: ‘La Morale merveilleuse. Contes de tous les temps et de tous les pays. Recueillis et mis en ordre par P. Christian’

SLIDE 16: ‘Recollections of Old Christmas: a masque. Performed at Grimston. [By Thomas C. Croker.]’

SLIDE 17: ‘The Little Squire. A story of three. [With plates.]’

SLIDE 18: ‘A pittilesse Mother. That most unnaturally at one time murthe[red] two of her owne Children at Acton …’ (editor’s note — Yikes!)

SLIDE 19: Travels through Virginia. From Theodor de Bry’s ‘America’, Vol. I, 1590

SLIDE 20: ‘Songs for Little People. [With illustrations by H. Stratton.]’

SLIDE 21: ‘The Municipal Parks Gardens, and Open Spaces of London: their history and associations …

SLIDE 22: ‘The Halliford edition of the works of Thomas Love Peacock.

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