10 reasons I love taking selfies (and why you should, too)

I’m THAT GIRL on your Facebook feed: the one posting all those $#%* selfies.

I have a name for people like me: Selfie-Indulgents. (Oh, it’s not at all a derogatory term. Day spas have created a whole industry around the concept of indulging in the “self.”)

I can only imagine the thoughts that go through people’s heads when they see me post ANOTHER selfie, JA? Wow. We really love ourselves, don’t we?

Why yes. Yes we do, actually.

But I didn’t always love myself. It’s been a bit of a journey from self-loathing to Selfie-Indulgent (with “selfies” and “maturity” being two of the ingredients in that cauldron of personal alchemy.)

I think selfies get a bad rap, and would like to push back against the faulty perception that selfies are social media narcissism run amuck. Here are the top ten reasons I love taking (and posting) selfies:

Old Single Mom


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