Let me start by saying you never want fleas to begin with. Anyone who doesn’t treat their outdoor pets is fair game, even those who have a very well manicured yard in the suburbs. Yes it can be a bit pricey for the medicine, especially for larger dogs, but if you if you told me... Read more »

Shopping for anything is getting so annoying

The other day, I was at a very popular store that sells hand soaps and lotions. When I went to check out with my two very overpriced yet two very lovely hand soaps, the cashier asked me, “was anyone helping you today?” Uh, helping me pick out SOAP??? As if the choice between Coconut Breeze... Read more »

24 words/phrases I hate

  1. Panties. Dirty old man word if you ask me. 2. Surgery. Sounds so…bloody and messy. I picture cutting flesh and surgical tools. When I had my recent c section, I called it “the procedure”. Sounds less graphic doesn’t it? 3. “Gone viral”. How about popular instead, which is what it really means? 4.... Read more »

Goodbye, pregnancy

I have a hard time with pregnancy because I hate attention. I don’t even like going for a walk during the day time, when people can see me in all my glory. The few times I have and I see people up ahead, I cross the street. I hate being stared at. Well now I... Read more »

In defense of selfies

I’m not Mother Teresa , selfies bother me too. But they are sometimes acceptable within reason. And sometimes necessary. A daily selfie? Not OK. Incessant sexy teen selfies? Not OK. On a vacation by yourself and need to post 4 or 5? Acceptable. Getting older and it’s next to impossible to take a good picture... Read more »

Things I'm tired of!

-being micromanaged. It leaves me feeling like I’m stupid. If you are that much of a perfectionist, do it yourself. -know it alls -humblebrags (look at our new big house but it was necessary with baby #4 on the way!) -people who are full of themselves and think they are SO interesting. Tip- lay off... Read more »

Don't be an ignorant meanie

I was driving to the train station one morning, following an ambulance. It was headed towards my son’s elementary school, the same way I take to the train station. I glanced at my cell phone and saw there were no calls from his school. A small sigh of relief. It passed the school, but not... Read more »

I am so over pets!

My pets? A cat, two goldfish and a Boston Asshole. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for pets. And ESPECIALLY for pets behaving badly! When I catch my cat doing something stupid, my Lucifer voice comes out, a voice I don’t even recognize as mine and I go all Satan on him.... Read more »

A social media break (is needed for my sanity!)

Lately when I am having a rough time and constantly upset, I put myself on a social media break. I remove the Facebook shortcut from my phone and resist signing in on a computer too. I did this over a long weekend and it felt so good. I caught up with life and my reading.... Read more »

Trying to organize pictures is making me cray cray

My New Year’s project was organizing my pictures since I actually had two blissful (or so I thought) days off in a row. No Twilight Zones for me, I was determined to finish up my overwhelming project that I have put off for too long. I have pictures in albums I wanted to redo as... Read more »