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I'm so tired!

Do you ever get so tired sometimes that you feel physically ill? Do you ever just get tired of showering? Not that I plan on stopping for good, but it can be a real chore sometimes, especially when I am tired and have no energy, and especially for women, especially when there’s the shaving and... Read more »

Getting older musings

  I REALLY HATE my hands at age 40. They are thin, bony, fragile, and veiny. I think I will have to go around wearing gloves at 45, I can barely stand looking at them now. The husband often says, “Eww put those things AWAY”. One time when I was freezing cold at a ballgame... Read more »

Thoughts on signs of aging

I walked into work one mild morning wearing gloves. My boss laughed and asked why I was wearing them. “To protect against age spots” I said. He erupted in laughter. The older I get, the more I hate my thin, veiny hands. I try to ward off making them uglier from sun exposure by wearing... Read more »

The wisdom of getting older

Quickly approaching 40, I feel in a reflective mood lately.  Here are some observations: I no longer crave drama. Drama is overrated.  I prefer to fly under the radar, to be a bit mysterious. I no longer like the taste of milk chocolate or cheap candy.  I will gladly splurge on the pricier dark chocolate... Read more »