If I didn't have kids...


-I’d find a way to travel to the mythical, enchanting, far away countries I’ve always dreamed of.
-I’d embark on a month long road trip, sleeping in my car every other night to save money.
-Cooking would not be a priority
-I’d move out of state in a heartbeat, without a plan
-my house would finally be clean and clutter free without the risk of breaking a heel on a tiny
yet hard as steel toy piece
-I would have so much time. I’d finally be able to read the stacks of (OK downloaded) books that are waiting for me.
-I would for once be well rested, without needing my daily thermos of coffee
-my body would be firmer
-I’d have more money


-I wouldn’t know the joy of yearly rituals and traditions near home: Smores and backyard fires, eating outside on the patio to help curb the mess, a day at the racetrack, 4th of July carnivals and rides, water balloon fights, backyard football and home run derbies, Saturday night popcorn and sleeping on the pull out couch, pumpkin farms, Santa brunches
-I’d be bored and dangerous with all of my extra time
-yes my house would be clean, yet also eerily quiet and joyless
-I would have never discovered kid-centered fun for adults too at Maggie Daley Park (try the shaky suspension bridge!) or the pumpkin farm with its pen of hundreds of birds flying all around squealing kids
-I wouldn’t know the joy of baking cookies and making someone’s day
-I wouldn’t have discovered the joy of cooking, because cooking for others gives it purpose and for me it’s spreading my love, so if I ever cook for you, goddammit I love you
-I’d never know what the deepest, most sacrificial type of love felt like
-I wouldn’t have rediscovered the joy of learning through reading educational and informative books with them (Volcanoes! Weather! Geography! Sea creatures! ) Google “giant sea spider” or “goblin” or “frilled” shark. The world is fascinating and the deepest seas filled with horrifying creatures!
-I’d never know the joy of daily baby smiles and giggles. To have him reach for me after a long day at work and him missing me.
-holidays wouldn’t be as joyful (St. Patrick’s Day? No leprechaun to come around, mess up the house and cause trouble, no cute costumes on Halloween to dream up and photograph, no gleefully decorating Christmas cookies, no unabashed giddiness on Christmas morning waking me up).
-there would be no made up words and silly names for each other that keep us all laughing
-I’d catch up on all my reading but never know the joy of “On The Night You Were Born”, “Spoon”, “Creepy Carrots, “Goodnight Moon” or “Fly Guy”.
-I would have no reason to do amusing yet trivial things a second or third time in life, if not for the very reason but to witness the fun through a child’s eyes
-my love of baseball would not have been rekindled. Oh, the untarnished excitement and enthusiasm kids express! (helps put a stop towards my bitterness of overpaid athletes).
-I wouldn’t fully appreciate a night out and try to get every minute’s worth
-I’m sure I’d eat a lot more junk food
-I wouldn’t know that every spider on Earth combined weighs as much as 478 Titanics
-my life would be less stable
-depression would probably get the best of me
-I certainly wouldn’t smile as much


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