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We're gonna need more proof Mitt Romney was born in America

Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee and former unsolicited Hair Stylist for Gay Prep Students Mitt Romney, has been uncharacteristically resolute on at least one issue this campaign-that of releasing his tax returns. Despite criticism from both Republicans and Democrats alike, not to mention nearly half a century of precedent (going back to that guy with the same... Read more »

Holy Sweet Ronald Reagan I just dropped my Communist Manifesto!

Thumbnail image for 'Holy Sweet Ronald Reagan I just dropped my Communist Manifesto!'
I feel like….like…the Republican Party has been lying to me. Where’s my flag pin…where’s Chris Christie…I’m disoriented… Be Good Friends, @koolking83 (video compliments of thinkprogress.com)

My Morning of Socialism

I woke up today, which is always nice, and had a glass of water. And remarkably, I didn’t get sick or die from that water. Thanks EPA! Thanks Clean Water Act! Then I called my Great Aunt-(who’s like my Grandmother), to see how she was doing. She’s 82 years old, lives alone, and “gets by”... Read more »

Mark Cuban is a Radical Kenyan Born Socialist Muslim Extremist

In a shocking blog post entitled “The Most Patriotic Thing You Can Do” , Mark Cuban, the flamboyant billionaire owner of the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks, declared himself a radical Anti-American Socialist. Ok..well not really. Must be an Anti-American rally of some sort What Mark essentially did say however, was that the millionaires and billionaires... Read more »

Decoding the Rhetoric- What the Right is Really Saying

Decoding the Rhetoric- What the Right is Really Saying
For around two and half years now, we’ve witnessed the far right wing make a rather ineffective, or perhaps better but, half-hearted attempt at encrypting their general message. They’ve felt comfortable saying things like “The President isn’t one of us”, or “The President has a different world view from you” -you know, the loaded statements... Read more »
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