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I want to hurt those 7 teen attackers (and that mentality is the problem)

Seven teenagers have been arrested and charged in the videotaped-and YouTube posted robbery and beating of a Chicago high school senior. The beyond disturbing video, which shows the victim being repeatedly struck in the head, face, and abdomen for over 3 minutes, ultimately and predictably led police to the attackers. Of the seven, only the... Read more »

A Short Tangential Rant

 This being a human thing can be a bit maddening. Ya know…if you’re driving and a fellow motorist generously allows you to enter their lane…or stops so that you can turn into their lane (basically makes any thoughtful concession for your benefit) and you don’t acknowledge it-be it by a wave (preferably while smiling) or... Read more »

People-Please Keep Your Disgusting Feet Inside the Car....Thanks

To those with functioning eyes and ears, or one or the other for that matter, the signs and symptoms of social deterioration are encountered on a daily, and often hourly basis. Do we need 14 reality/contest shows about dancing and/or singing? Did we need one “Big Momma’s House” movie, let alone three? The Jersey Shore….the... Read more »
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