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An open letter to Derrick Rose's Groin

  Dear This Thing, So look, I’m not what one would call a “Doctor”….or a “somewhat knowledgeable person when it comes to sports medicine, anatomy or physiology” , but…can you Mr. Groin, get your shit together…STAT? (That’s a “white coat” term for ASAP) I just can’t take this anymore. Sure, record wise the Bulls have... Read more »

Derrick Rose "Put On for my City" Highlight Video

  Compliments myself and Windows Movie Maker-hence why it’s a bit on the crude side. Be Good Friends, @koolking83

Hey LeBron-this is what MVPs do with the game on the line (VIDEO/PICTURE)

Hey LeBron-this is what MVPs do with the game on the line (VIDEO/PICTURE)
  Picture compliments of @Buffydube Video- Digital UniverseTV Be Good Friends, @koolking83  

Things LeBron James does that Derrick Rose would never do

 Well, he clearly wouldn’t dance at All-Star Games… Or on the bench during a game… Or during pre-game warm-ups Or do whatever the hell this is… He wouldn’t wear sunglasses indoors.. Or these glasses anywhere… Or this shirt… Or this one (“ROSE MVP”?-I don’t think so)….while wearing sunglasses indoors Or this scarf… He wouldn’t do... Read more »

Hey LeBron- at 40, this is what Michael Jordan did with the All-Star game on the line (VIDEO)

(turn to 36 seconds for MJ’s Shot) At last night’s NBA All-Star Game in Orlando, LeBron James had the type of jaw-dropping yet asterisk needing performance for which his career has become known. With the East down by double digits in the 4th quarter, James-who finished with 36 points (6-8 3pt) 7 assists and 6 rebounds,... Read more »

Brian Scalabrine Performing the Greatest Move in the History of the NBA (VIDEO)

Thumbnail image for 'Brian Scalabrine Performing the Greatest Move in the History of the NBA (VIDEO)'
Ok, false advertising there…but Stacey’s reaction is worth the watch anyway. Be Good Friends, @koolking83 PS – Video Compliments of WGN Sports and my broke ass US Cellular Phone

An open letter to Ozzie Guillen: Shut up, nobody cares

So, we hear you’re upset…something has yet again offended your oh-so delicate sensibilities? And that’s why you sent these tweets on Friday- • “When i get to chitown lets make one thing clear what happen last day whit the sox stay tune” • “Iam out the country now but i never quit in anything yes be ready when... Read more »

The path that led the Chicago Bulls to Derrick Rose

The path that led the Chicago Bulls to Derrick Rose
The ping pong balls at the NBA Draft Lottery in 2008 were stacked heavily against Steve Schanwald (Bulls Executive Vice President of Business Operations) and the Chicago Bulls.  Coming off a disappointing 33 win season in which the Bulls fired both Scott Skiles and interim coach Jim Boylan, John Paxson was desperately looking for answers. ... Read more »

Derrick Rose's most inspiring performances come off the court

Have you ever been watching Derrick Rose, and you simply shake your head and say “wow”? Oh -and it has nothing to do with basketball? While Derrick is undeniably awe inspiring on the court, it is his unmistakable, overt humbleness off of it, which to me and to many, is his most extra-ordinary gift, the source... Read more »

Joe Cowley has become the new Jay Mariotti

Joe Cowley has become the new Jay Mariotti
When Jay Mariotti abruptly left the Chicago Sun-Times in 2008, it left readers who enjoy sensationalistic, pointlessly provocative commentary, with a painful void; sure these people probably had friends who were pot stirrers, who immaturely sought attention through being mindlessly contrarian, but it just wouldn’t be the same. Who in Chicago would call us stupid?... Read more »
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