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An Open Letter to Republicans: Your Country isn't Coming Back

I’ll be brief… November 6, 2012 That was to be the day you guys  “took the Country back”, the day you “restored America”, the day the aberration that was the Election of Barack Hussein Obama was officially rectified. Well that day came and went, and let me be proudly unequivocal in saying what the events of... Read more »

My Endorsement of President Obama

Everything I am, everything I have, everything I know and feel, I in large part owe to other people. When I succeed, when I “win“, they-be them the old teachers who grew my brain, or the blue collar workers who grew my community, or the friends and family that grew my heart- win as well.... Read more »

The Simple Solution to Jay Cutler's Public Perception Problem

The Simple Solution to Jay Cutler's Public Perception Problem
By John Grubisich ( When it comes to his on-field performance, “consistent” isn’t a word many would use to describe Jay Cutler. After all, how many times have we heard football analysts offer up this enlightening and illuminating insight : “It really depends on which Jay Cutler shows up…” However, when  it comes to the way... Read more »

Wake the F**K Up : Samuel L. Jackson's pro-Obama ad (VIDEO)

Thumbnail image for 'Wake the F**K Up : Samuel L. Jackson's pro-Obama ad (VIDEO)'
Video compliments Youtube User Rebeca Reyes Get Involved – Visit the official #WTFU site Be Good Friends, @koolking83

An Open Letter to Young Voters

Look-I get it… For you guys…. voting is soooo 2008. Four whole years ago…a time when MySpace had more users than Twitter, two times as many Blackberrys were sold as iPhones, and The Learning Channel actually featured informative programming devoid of unsightly parents living vicariously through their small children. Ah it seems like so long... Read more »

How the GOP Convention stage should look (PICTURE)

Be Good Friends, @koolking83  

We're gonna need more proof Mitt Romney was born in America

Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee and former unsolicited Hair Stylist for Gay Prep Students Mitt Romney, has been uncharacteristically resolute on at least one issue this campaign-that of releasing his tax returns. Despite criticism from both Republicans and Democrats alike, not to mention nearly half a century of precedent (going back to that guy with the same... Read more »

Joe Cowley may not be sexist, but @cst_cowley is, and we can't tell the difference

So, I guess Joe Cowley, or rather @cst_cowley,  went all Rush Limbaugh over the weekend huh? By now I’m sure you’ve heard the essentials, after all if you hadn’t you probably wouldn’t be reading this, but just in case, here’s a short refresher via A.V.-Chicago Over the weekend, Sun-Times sports columnist Joe Cowley got into some... Read more »

An open letter to Ted Nugent, the true "Anti-American Monster"

An open letter to Ted Nugent, the true "Anti-American Monster"
At the National Rifle Association Convention this past weekend, you-“Rocker Ted Nugent“, and by Rocker I mean the guy who sang “Cat Scratch Fever” 35 years ago, said you will end up “dead or in jail..”  if President Obama is reelected in November. Let me just say-or warn rather, with all due lack of respect-that... Read more »

An open letter to Derrick Rose's Groin

  Dear This Thing, So look, I’m not what one would call a “Doctor”….or a “somewhat knowledgeable person when it comes to sports medicine, anatomy or physiology” , but…can you Mr. Groin, get your shit together…STAT? (That’s a “white coat” term for ASAP) I just can’t take this anymore. Sure, record wise the Bulls have... Read more »
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