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An Open Letter to Young Voters

Look-I get it… For you guys…. voting is soooo 2008. Four whole years ago…a time when MySpace had more users than Twitter, two times as many Blackberrys were sold as iPhones, and The Learning Channel actually featured informative programming devoid of unsightly parents living vicariously through their small children. Ah it seems like so long... Read more »

We're gonna need more proof Mitt Romney was born in America

Presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee and former unsolicited Hair Stylist for Gay Prep Students Mitt Romney, has been uncharacteristically resolute on at least one issue this campaign-that of releasing his tax returns. Despite criticism from both Republicans and Democrats alike, not to mention nearly half a century of precedent (going back to that guy with the same... Read more »

The Road We've Traveled (VIDEO-New Obama Documentary)

 From Academy Award®-winning director Davis Guggenheim: “The Road We’ve Traveled”.

'Change Did Happen'-Obama's Record in Three Minutes (VIDEO)

Thumbnail image for ''Change Did Happen'-Obama's Record in Three Minutes (VIDEO)'
Video via YouTube user Digitocalypse /Twitter account @changedidhappen facebook.com/changehappened Be Good Friends, @koolking83

GOP Debate Crowd keeps it classy on MLK Day, and by classy I mean predictably hateful

Yesterday, in yet another in a long line of debates in which the non-participatory President emerged the clear victor, it was equally clear who, or what was the ‘biggest loser’: the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. On the day in which the values espoused by King-love, compassion, peace, tolerance, should be uniformly echoed and... Read more »
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