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Five Top Industries Where Six Sigma Should be Implemented

Every industry has its own challenges to overcome. Many companies, however, are not even aware that they have issues to sort out or that their processes can be improved on.  Then there are other companies who know that there are problems but do not know where to begin to fix them. For these companies, there... Read more »

Reskilling Yourself to Stay Relevant in the Competitive Job Market

Globally, the job market competition is very tense and even graduates with degrees struggle to find a job in their main practice. With the current global job market landscape, it seems as though multi-skilled individuals manage to find jobs they like and are passionate about.  Undoubtedly, reskilling yourself is very important as a job hunter... Read more »

The A to Z of Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram is different from other social media platforms because it is image-driven. That is why it is preferred by influencers and large brands who want to promote their products or showcase collaborations.  In some cases, regular posts may not be enough and you may have more information to share. Carousel ads can allow you to... Read more »

The Reasons People Love Watching Anime

Anime has continued growing as a popular form of entertainment worldwide. What was once a local Japanese favorite has now managed to win the hearts of people around the world. So what is so special about anime? Here are five reasons why people love watching anime.  Manga in motion Manga lovers always look forward to... Read more »

Being Financially Secure in an Unfavorable Economy

Everyone found the year 2020 challenging with the COVID-19 epidemic, lockdowns and more unemployment. Finances became really tight for many people and proved to be a serious source of stress, especially for those who had no savings. Working towards financial security is not always as difficult as some people assume and it can provide real... Read more »

Owner-operators are required by their motor carrier to have special coverage

Owner-operators can be defined as independent drivers that take part in the transport of goods and freight. At times, they are required to make trips with or without dispatch. Owner-operators, as well as leased contractors working for commercial motor carriers must have bobtail insurance. For the sake of clarification, bobtail insurance is a policy specially... Read more »

Great Editing with Stitch on TikTok

TikTok editing features are powerful due to their ability to allow the addition of filters, sound, text, and blurring of videos. User experience is now even better after TikTok added yet another editing feature called “Stitch.”  With Stitch, users are now able to tag responses to other users through videos. Using Stitch, users can clip... Read more »

What Happens if You Only Pay the Minimum on Your Credit Cards?

Bills, bills, bills — we all have them, yet none of us want them. Unfortunately, they’re a reality for most of us who carry around a credit card or line of credit. They join a long list of expenses that you need to take care of every month. But unlike the water bill or your... Read more »

Why Your Old Disabled Parents Need Extra Love and Care From You

Many people are so busy with their daily life undertakings that they forget to take care of their parents in dire need of love and care. Worse, if old age is accompanied by physical or emotional disability.  It is possible to dedicate some time to caring for your aging parents and still be productive at... Read more »

Preparing Yourself Before Moving to a Rainy Area

Moving to a new neighborhood can be exciting as you prepare to meet new neighbors, make new friends and explore the geography of the area. There is a challenge, though, when you are moving to a rainy area.  You must be prepared with more than one rain gear and most of all, you will have... Read more »
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