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How a Natural Skin Care Regime Benefits You

There are many reasons to ditch your current skincare regime and opt for natural products instead. Very few people who switch to natural brands have cause to regret it or revert to using a non-natural skin care regime. They find themselves extremely satisfied with the outcome and willing to recommend it to others. If you... Read more »

The Factors that Make Coworking a Hot Trend

It is estimated that at least a third of the current workforce are freelancers or hired by small businesses. Statistics like this point to the slow evolution that is occurring in the corporate world. The corporate space may still be dominated by large enterprises that employ thousands of people, but the difference can be seen... Read more »

Reasons Why Marriage Is Considered a Sacred Bond

Marriage becomes a sacred bond because of various social, economic, and societal reasons. Besides, there are physical and psychological needs associated with a civilized society woven closely into the practice.  The main qualities related to marriage, like faith and loyalty, evolved over centuries taming down the cavemen humans to form cultured societies. Let us explore... Read more »

Top Corgi Puppy Facts that Make Them the Most Amazing Pets

Recent years have seen the Corgi become one of the most sought-after dog breeds in America. With their short legs and stout bodies, Corgis are universally adored by dog lovers. They tend to have big personalities and make for fun canine companions. How much do you know about Corgis and their puppies? Here are some... Read more »

Make the Most of Your Small Chicago Apartment

Moving from a spacious, comfortable suburban home into a small apartment in the city center is a two-edged sword.  On the one hand, you’re closer to all the amenities, nightlife, and convenience. On the other hand, you’re paying sky-high rent for a comparatively tiny place. However, space trade-off doesn’t have to be depressing. Getting used... Read more »

Ingesting chlorine with your tap water comes with many adverse health effects

Each day, millions of people drink chlorinated tap water, completely unaware of the effects that it has on the body. Chlorine is deployed to kill disease-causing bacteria that the water or transport pipes might contain. It has powerful disinfectant qualities, making it possible for urban communities to survive and grow. In spite of the fact... Read more »

Kratom: More Than Just Overall Wellness

Kratom may well be a tropical tree native to southeast Asia, but its popularity has extended further afield as well. Kratom usage has gained popularity in the United States as well as Europe in recent years. In fact, the American Kratom Association tells us that there are roughly 12 – 16 million people in the... Read more »

What to Do in Your 20s to Become a Self-made Millionaire before Turning 30

There are many ways to start increasing your wealth from an early age. It is difficult to achieve millionaire status simply by saving and most millionaires focus on increasing their income in increments.  A great deal of becoming a self-made millionaire will depend on your mindset about money. It will also depend on having more... Read more »

Main Differences Between Health Share Ministries and Health Insurance

The main idea behind the ACA (Affordable Care Act) was to benefit patients who had pre-existing ailments to access insurance coverage for healthcare. The act was helpful but to a certain level only. The main drawback to the act was high premiums and high deductibles which meant the patients incurred a high amount of out-of-pocket... Read more »

5 Daily Practices of a Smart Consumer

As a consumer, you spend money on products or services daily. Whenever you go out or even when you are surfing apps on your smartphone, you are presented with things to buy. With that being said, you can fall prey to certain shady tactics that are meant to deceive consumers. You can do certain things... Read more »
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