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A parking offense worthy of the death penalty (PICTURE)

Ok..maybe not the death penalty, but clearly public condemnation via cruel and unusual punishment is warranted- e.g. Mandated viewing of the new Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton Movie- “Joyful Noise”. Be Good Friends, @koolking83

Trust no one, particularly someone who tells you it's cool to have a "Trust None" Decal on your car (PICTURE)

Trust no one, particularly someone who tells you it's cool to have a "Trust None" Decal on your car (PICTURE)
I would suggest one also distrust any inclination, or sudden urge to purchase and display fuzzy dice, particularly that of the pink leopard variety. Be Good Friends, @koolking83

Pedro and Buddy: Two Gay Penguins in Love, torn apart by intolerance

(Canada) Buddy, 20, and Pedro, 10,  are two gay African-Canadian males, who are in love. Unfortunately they, like many homosexuals, are finding it difficult to avoid laws and societal “norms” ,which are discriminatory and homophobic in nature, hence making it difficult for them to “freely practice their love”.   Oh yea, Buddy and Pedro are Penguins. Two gay African Penguins…living in... Read more »

Do you want a nice body and a diverse group of friends? Buy Kumho tires!

  Be Good Friends, @koolking83  

I can't text while I drive, but this is ok? (PICTURE)

  1.I don’t know what the hell those things are (they covered the majority of the front windshield as well).  I do know that a powder of some sort, and/or  feathers, spewed out from them as the car recklessly sped down the Bishop Ford Expressway. So while I’m no detective, I feel it’s safe to assume we’re... Read more »

Tim Tebow vs The McRib (One lives like Jesus, the other is a bad quarterback)

Be Good Friends, @koolking83

Republican Candidates Discuss NBA Lockout at Debate

Michele Bachmann “I don’t know much about basketball, except that I remember Marcus being upset when they changed the uniforms in the early 90’s…something about shorts. That said, I don’t think the Federal Government , and the taxpayers, should be paying for a Meditator to help with this situation.” Herman Cain “9 Teams, 9 Games,... Read more »

Awesome picture from one of those crazy anti-gay rallies

Be Good Friends, @koolking83

Kindergartener brings crack pipe, meth for show-and-tell

Remember that time way back in Kindergarten when you excitedly brought in your Mike Tomczak autograph for show-and-tell? And then some snotty know-it-all kid had to rain on your parade by saying: “Why is it on a Cubs Hat? He plays for the Bears!” Of course you didn’t know it was because your Dad inexplicably... Read more »

People-Please Keep Your Disgusting Feet Inside the Car....Thanks

To those with functioning eyes and ears, or one or the other for that matter, the signs and symptoms of social deterioration are encountered on a daily, and often hourly basis. Do we need 14 reality/contest shows about dancing and/or singing? Did we need one “Big Momma’s House” movie, let alone three? The Jersey Shore….the... Read more »
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