The Right Time to Plan Your First Child

Most couples feel nervous talking about their first child because they are unsure whether they are ready enough to have one. Sometimes the pressure from the family side may be too much. In some cultures, family members will expect a baby a year after marriage.

There is nothing wrong with staying for some time without the first baby after marriage. If your partner is okay with that, you can wait until you get ready. Here are different ways to determine if you are ready for your first child.

You understand and accept responsibility

Every parent will agree that kids come with a lot of responsibility, and you must be willing to do everything possible for the kid’s growth. One sign that it’s the right time to plan your first child is when you understand and accept the responsibility of being a parent. 

You need to be highly flexible and have adequate money to buy everything the child needs. According to, a leading online tarot reading site, getting pregnant is an important decision, and you have to make sure that everything is good as it should be. So, if you are ready to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate the child, then it’s the right time to plan your first child.

When you don’t feel like checking the box

Most couples often have a checkbox where they list things they need to accomplish in their lives to ensure that life flows smoothly. If you find yourself returning to your checkbox when you think of getting a child, that’s enough proof you are not ready.

Having a baby without considering whether you are ready to have a child can lead to frustration. It’s even more stressful when you are in the child-rearing stage. If you don’t have to check the checkbox repeatedly, that shows you are ready to have your first child.

When you and your partner are healthy

Health issues should highly be considered when getting your first child. You have to understand that your health complications might also affect the health of the unborn child. Here, you should consider your lifestyle first before thinking of getting the first child. Do you smoke too much? 

Smoking brings a lot of complications to the unborn baby, and you must be ready to quit smoking. You have to eat healthy in advance and ensure that you are taking enough water and exercising. So, if the overall health of your body doesn’t say otherwise, you can go ahead and plan your first child.

Your relationship is stable

Getting your first child is a critical step that must be taken seriously by both couples. In your time, you have to evaluate how you have been relating with your partner and think about how things will be if you get pregnant. 

A child can be a source of strain in the relationship, and you may regret having one. So, before you decide on getting your first child, ensure that you assess your relationship. If you are okay with your partner and have been relating well, then this is the right time to plan for your first child.

When you feel ready

You may have all the qualities to listen to every point and still feel that it’s not the right time to have your first child. Maybe you feel that you should wait for a while or work and save more for the kid’s better future. There is no definitive “right” time to get your first child.

The absolute truth lies when you already have the child and can experience what it feels like to be called a parent. So, the best time to have a child is when you strongly feel ready for the child.

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