Tips on Deciding Between Buying an Apartment and Independent House

Many factors will influence the decision to buy an apartment or an independent house, such as cost, location, the purpose of the investment, stage of life and security. While apartments are usually cheaper than independent houses, there are certain pros and cons of each property type that you should be aware of before making such an important purchase.


One of the main factors that will influence your choice is the purpose of buying. Are you buying to live in the property yourself or as an investment? The purpose of the purchase will determine its location and accessibility. If you want to live on the property yourself, you will need to take your family size into consideration. 

A large family may prefer to live in an independent house with a yard than an apartment with only a balcony. A retired couple may prefer not to have a large yard to take care of and can decorate an apartment balcony in such a way that they have a pleasant outdoor area to relax in. Patio Productions suggests using dual-purpose patio furniture on a balcony to make the most of the space. 


When choosing between an apartment and an independent house, it is important to think about the type of amenities you want. Apartment blocks usually have all kinds of modern amenities, such as security, convenient parking, waste management, maintained green spaces, power backup etc. 

Provision of all these amenities can make living in an apartment easier than living in an independent house, but they come at a cost. You need to evaluate what amenities you value most and their cost before making your choice. In an independent house, you can decide which amenities to incorporate according to your requirements. 

Design and space utilization

Apartments offer less flexibility in terms of using spaces as you aren’t usually able to just remove or introduce walls. They generally have a fixed floor plan for each unit. Living in an apartment can offer a more clutter-free and compact way of living, but an independent house offers the opportunity to expand if necessary. 

You can tailor the interior of an independent home to your liking and what suits your family best with designated spaces such as a home office or playroom. You have freedom of choice when it comes to the design, use of materials, etc. 

Mortgage facility

If you need to take a mortgage to buy a property, it is easier to get one for an apartment than for an independent property. Lenders will only sanction mortgages for independent properties after carefully scrutinizing the borrowers and the property. Buyers can usually get loan approval for apartments more easily as companies selling them usually already have arrangements in place to assist buyers. 

Maintenance costs 

Maintenance is the key to preserving any property and retaining its value. Apartments usually have a maintenance plan in place and charge owners an annual fee for maintenance. As the amenities are shared, the costs are shared too. 

The costs of ongoing maintenance can be high for independent house owners. It is possible for them to make choices that can reduce their maintenance costs over the long term, such as the materials they choose to use. 


The ease of selling an apartment or independent house will depend on various factors like location and age. This is why considering the location and its future prospects are important when buying any property. The increasing demand for safety and security is currently creating more demand for apartments. They often have security measures like CCTV surveillance, security personnel and secure guest check-in. 

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