Safety Tips To Follow At Construction Site To Avoid Workplace Injury

According to Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are reports that show one in around ten construction workers being injured during work-time each year. The report goes on to that the leading cause for such injuries are “fall hazards” happening at sites where construction is involved. 

The experts at OSHA go on to say around one hundred and fifty thousand injuries at construction sites according to the prestigious Bureau of Labor Statistics are a majority. Another reason for such injuries at construction sites would be the contact with equipment, says the report. And in most cases, it would be construction workers between twenty-five and thirty-five years of age.

What are the safety steps to follow?


When you work at heights, there are plenty of risks involved and safety procedures need to be in place. According to reports and research done by HSE, construction workers working such jobs were more likely to fall and have injuries- around forty-seven percent of them- falling from heights. If employees are to work at such heights, they would need the right training while working with different equipment pieces. And the work has to be meted out and planned well. For example, where it is practical, such work needs to be avoided. Measures should be put in place for such work where falls can be prevented. Scaffolds and double guard rails should be used. Safety nets should be used as well. And one must wear PPEs for safety too.

Moving objects

 Reports suggest that most incidents on-site happen when construction workers are hit by a moving object or moving vehicles. The environment at construction places is not stable- they change now and then. And sometimes the terrain is not even. Heavy plant machines and delivery vehicles, and even overhead lifting equipment pose hazards, says Construction Accident Lawyer. Hence, construction sites should be well-planned to manage such interferences between pedestrians and plants- segregation between man and machine should be in place. Construction workers should be taught not to stand behind big operating machines and under loads that are suspended. They should also avoid working too close to objects that are moving, especially if the objects have no beepers and lights on them. A banksman should be around to guide plant vehicles that are reversing or manouvering on public property. Construction workers should wear PPE such as hard hats and jackets with high visibility to make sure they are seen.

Proper gear should be worn

Experts suggest that construction workers should wear proper gear and PPEs. This is important because there could be accidents at construction sites, even when there are ample safety measures around and in place. There has to be safety gear for most sites for the construction workers’ needs, say Construction Accident Lawyers- steel-toed boots, hard hats, protection for the ears and eyes, and even harnesses as well. At some construction sites, one should also wear gloves and masks too.

Equipment maintenance is a must

According to experts, they say there are many accidents that occur on construction sites because of ill-maintained equipment. These are very common accidents. If equipment is maintained properly, the risks of such accidents would come down to a large extent.

Develop safety protocols

One must have safety protocols for everyone at work (especially at the construction site), say experts. And all employees are required to follow them as well when they are on-site and working. The safety protocols must be reviewed periodically as well and revised too. This helps improve safety and brings down incidences of construction hazards.

Regular safety meetings should be done

Scheduling regular safety meetings are a must. This gives one the chance to review various safety protocols around and to ensure that every employee is aware of the new safety measures in place. Supervisors and team leaders should be kept current with any changes being made.

According to, they say that construction hazards are plenty. It is no secret that working at construction sites can be risky- the use of heavy machines, chemicals that are toxic, building materials that are toxic, sharp objects around and falling, working at heights, etc. But one can use the biggest weapon against all of them- prevention! When one has the right measures for prevention in place, such as safety meetings, etc, the adverse consequences can be avoided.

Regular breaks should be taken

Lunch breaks are a must, so are regular breaks, and they should be enforced at the workplace, say Construction Accident Lawyers. There are some employees who work through their breaks to shorten their work time or to work overtime, but this is risky. It only makes the individual more tired and they don’t get enough mental and physical rest, and dehydration also sets in. This can increase the risk of accidents at construction sites.

Don’t ignore the use of warning signs

Warning signs should be in place at construction sites. There should be enough of these signs around that warn one of the hazards and dangers of the site. The signs should be clear and they should be accompanied by cones and ropes to help cordon off people from the areas deemed dangerous.

Inspections at the site

There should be safety teams and supervisors and other leaders at the construction site doing inspections every day. This will help identify any hazards or potential dangers around- it can be addressed and eliminated fast.

Material handling and storage should be proper

There are some materials at construction sites that are hazardous and dangerous for the workers around. Such materials should be kept secured and stored far away from human contact, say Construction Accident Lawyers.

According to, they say when one talks about safety for material handling and storage, it means the ‘use of personal protection’- including the protection for eyes and ears, feet, and more. There should be proper equipment in place for material handling and moving as well- conveyors, loaders, forklifts, etc.

What should you do if you are injured at the construction site?

There would be workers’ compensation insurance in place which would cover most of the on-construction site accidents. But there would be accidents that happen on a construction site, which might involve claims against a third party too. For example, claims against product liability, premises liability, general negligence, and more. Once you get your medical attention done for the injuries incurred, you must contact a Construction Accident Lawyer to discuss your options, your injuries, and your legal rights.

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