Dos And Don'ts In Case Of A Car Accident

There are more than six million auto and car accidents that happen across the US alone each year, say experts from And sadly, most behind the wheel think it would never happen to them. One takes every needful precaution while driving and yet an accident happens. This is why it is so important to have a list of Dos and Don’t’s when you have a car accident.

You may have been injured in a car accident or after the car wreck. What you need is the help of a legal professional who would give you a case review for free. They would answer any legal questions that you may have and also help you determine what would be the best course of action for the case at hand.

But now that you are in a car accident, here is a list of things to DO and not to Do! Please read on and be well-informed. We shall begin with the Dos!

 What you should DO!

1.       Get medical attention for yourself or for anyone else who has been injured in the accident. You must seek medical help in a jiffy and immediately. Do not wait for time to pass. Call 911 and let them know you have been in a car accident.

2.       Get in touch with the cops to document that accident, which would be crucial and important in getting your case stronger and building it. If you fail to do so, it would become a matter of your word against that of the driver, say Massachusetts Car Accident Attorneys

3.       Get information from all parties involved. Information such as phone numbers and addresses, and witnesses details too. Get the license plate numbers recorded, the year, make, and model of the car. Insurance about their information, the registration number of the car and the driver’s license details too.

4.       Do take photos of the accident scene, from your cell phone or camera. Photos of the vehicle only aren’t enough, but the area that surrounds the accident should be taken too. There could be road conditions and other possible hazards that could have made the accident happen, say expert Massachusetts Car Accident Attorneys.

5.       Get as much as details as you can, such as the weather, the time and the date, and the location along with any landmarks. If you can draw a picture of the accident, do that.

6.       Make sure you report the accident and notify your insurance company as soon as the accident occurs. But speak with the lawyer or the attorney first, before you sign anything with them.

Did you know that in terms of road traffic, the US alone is the busiest in vehicle operation, say, experts? Further reporting and research show that around more than two hundred million drivers had a valid driving license in 2019. With an increase in the level of traffic, there have been more and more road accidents. Research says, in 2019, around twelve and a half million vehicles were involved in crashes in the US alone. Say experts from

Now for the Don’ts

1.       Do not panic. It is but natural to lose control and your nerves when an accident happens, but stay calm and call for help.

2.       Do not leave the scene. Stay there until all the help you have called for arrives. Also, wait until you have got all the information and details from other witnesses and drivers.

3.       Before you speak to anyone else, speak to the police, file a report with them, and contact one of the reputed Massachusetts Car Accident Attorneys to get your case started. Don’t speak to anyone else and discuss matters.

4.       You are not to be blamed for no reason, so do not admit to the fault if it is not yours to start with. There could be circumstances that you are not aware of. This also means, you should not accuse the other party or the driver too- let the evidence being gathered speak for itself.

5.       Do not agree to be recorded if your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company asks you to do so. You have the right to say NO! what they will do is only confuse you and your story, and later on, hold the same words you speak (which they now have recorded) against you. Call one of the Massachusetts Car Accident Attorneys first.

6.       Do not sign any paperwork in a jiffy. First, get an attorney to review it, and then upon their advice go ahead.

7.       Never settle for anything (no out-of-court settlement) at the accident scene. You must speak to your attorney first, to get fair compensation for all the injuries and claims.

8.       Unless required by law or for safety purposes, you should not move your vehicle from the accident site. Speak to your attorneys about the same and then take action.

9.       Until you are told by the cops, do not leave the accident scene. Wait for them to escort you to a nearby hospital if need be. But only with their help.

10.   Potential evidence should not be thrown away- products that you think are defective, bloodstained clothing, torn clothing, parts of the car which came off when the accident happened, etc are important to keep.

11.   If the car is burning, move away to a safer but close place and do not remain in it. Call 911 for help from a place that is safe.

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