La Liga vs. English Premier League: What's the Best?

Both La Liga and the English Premier League give fans a lot of entertainment. In the case of the English Premier League, there are great teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Arsenal, all of which are competing for the top position.

On the other hand, you can talk of La Liga without mentioning the great FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. When it comes to choosing which one is better, many factors come into play. Here are the reasons why the English Premier League is the best.

EPL has fairer TV money distribution

Most clubs nowadays depend on TV money more than the sale of tickets. Broadcasters tend to pay a huge amount of money for the coverage. The broadcasters also make huge money by showing the games to all their fans in different parts of the world. These videos are great for fans who spend a bit of their valuable time on Online Sports Betting.

In the case of La Liga, the respective teams have to make deals with TV companies in most cases. That means that big teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid always get the best deals.

English Premier League has tough competition

If you are a football fan, with a clear analysis of the games played last season or the last decade, you will realize that EPL has tougher competition. Though a good margin separates the top 10 and the bottom, it’s evident that there is no easy game in the EPL.

You might have noticed the teams at the bottom scoring against top teams like Manchester United or Chelsea in the last season. On the other hand, the top three teams have always managed to stay at the top. Sometimes they beat the lower teams with a huge margin.

EPL games are more entertaining

The 20 teams that play in the English Premier League games bring a lot of styles into the play. You can think of the great Ronaldo, the likes of Pogba, and the rest. These are players with great dribbling skills. The list is long and can’t be exhausted. These great styles make the EPL a much more entertaining league to watch than La Liga.

La Liga doesn’t have great score lines because the two top teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid, are often weak to swat. If you try to watch a La Liga game, you can easily predict the game’s outcome.

Talent distribution

The top talent in La Liga is more skewed towards the top two best teams: Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid. There are still chances of occasional 2 to 3 stars in the other teams, but they don’t get too much audience attention due to a limited number of games. No wonder the titles have rotated around these great teams for decades.

On the other hand, EPL has a greater talent distribution, with the top players scattered in around 6 to 8 teams. This makes the competition stiffer than it is in La Liga. That’s why the EPL has not been able to produce a consistent European champion for long.

Stadium attendance

If you have ever watched a Manchester United game, you have an idea of how the attendance is in the EPL matches. Even the lower EPL teams attract fans compared with those of the top teams in La Liga.

Most EPL fans tend to follow the games from the start, which might be why the stadiums tend to be full. Sometimes, the La Liga stadiums have a lesser capacity, and thus it becomes a contentious issue. But in real comparison, more people watch EPL games than those that watch La Liga games.

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