The Benefits of Metal Studs in Framing

When choosing framing materials, your choice is to use wood or metal studs. Compared to wood, about 40% of business structures are constructed using metal stands. In recent days, about half a million homes have been built using metal stands, proving its popularity in modern days. These are records from Steel Framing Alliance. 

The most common metal used for studs is aluminum due to its unique properties. It is a light metal that is easy to shape using different methods. Steel lasts for longer and is a versatile metal. The following are the advantages of using metal studs for framing. 

Easy to install

Metal studs do not require nails to fix them in place. Instead, they only require screwing to attach them firmly in place. As a result, it is easy to install them compared to wood. Also, metal studs weigh much less compared to wood. They can easily be moved without demanding complex transportation arrangements. 

It is easy to buy customized aluminum products from and save time for creating them to use in framing. If you order before 3 pm EDT, you get same-day shipping. You have a large variety of all aluminum products to choose from. You might want to order aluminum extruded angle 6061 T6, sheer 5052 H32, etc. 

It saves time

Whether you are working on a small or mega project, metal studs are the best for saving time. Wood takes time to create the shapes you want before fixing the studs in place. It requires sawing, nailing, angling, etc., to create it. Metal studs are custom made from the factory and you only buy the shapes you want. Even when constructing megaprojects, it is easy to fix metal studs, thus saving a lot of time. 

Metal studs have higher stability

If wood is not dry enough, it can easily twist or warp. If the weather is too humid, it will absorb a lot of moisture that might make it lose. Metal is a stable material that is not easily prone to warping or twisting. Once installed, it remains stable throughout the construction period and after. 

Metal studs are strong

Metal such as aluminum is strong, making it a preferred choice for multiple applications. If you buy metal studs, you can be sure they are strong against strong winds, heat, or corrosion. It is best for use in any type of structure regardless of size or location. 


Even if you ordered perfect wood from the lumber yard, you could never be certain if that is exactly what you will receive at your construction site. Along the way, wood might crack, break, or bend. It is different from metal because you are certain to receive the metal as you ordered it. It will rarely bend and not break or crack during transportation, packing, or offloading. 

Metal studs are cheaper

The initial cost for metal studs might seem high, but in the long run, you save a lot of money. Wood might warp or twist, making it unfit for studs. You will be forced to buy more wood which raises the cost of construction. Wood does not last longer compared to metal. Metal will give you versatility, strength, and durability. In the end, metal will save you more money compared to wood.

Fire and pest proof

Insects, especially termites, are the worst enemies of any structure. They can destroy new buildings within a few years to bring them to nothing. Even with the strongest chemicals for protection against termites, building owners still struggle with dealing with the challenge. Beyond insects, wood is prone to fire and an entire building can be consumed by fire within a few minutes. Metal is different because it is not prone to pests or fire. 

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