Key Reasons Marketers Need Natural Language Processing

Human beings use language for communication, teaching, socialization, business, etc. Globally, there are thousands of different languages, all divided into two main categories – native and nonnative language. There is no limit to the number of languages an individual can learn to help improve business communication. 

Machines don’t have emotions or the ability to learn like humans. Instead, they rely on programmed language to understand human communication and deliver expected results. Marketers need to understand these processes needed for computers to interpret and manipulate their coded language to deliver results understandable by humans. Without NLP skills, marketers will not be effective in their work. 

What does natural language processing mean?

The genetic structure of human beings makes language to them a natural process. The way computers learn a language is different from human beings because they don’t have genes. To get hassle-free language translation by a computer, machine translation API by Pangeanic can help translate large volumes of documents in minutes. You get to choose your CAT tool to get an almost human-machine translation. Beyond this, the MT API is compatible with SDL, memoq, and MEMSOURCE. 

Computers cannot naturally understand human language and cannot respond without commands. Natural language processing changes that scenario. It is an AI branch that depends on other computer fields such as computer science to help it interpret, understand, and manipulate human language. Because of NLP, computers easily understand and make sense of the language people speak.

Examples of areas where NLP is an everyday process

Every computer application requires a certain level of NLP to understand and process things. Users key in commands that the program is coded with to help it process information. Some other programs are highly NLP dependent compared to others.

For example, translation tools entirely rely on NLP to function. Some language translation tools can accurately translate over 100 languages without human help. They don’t do word-for-word translation, which could fail to make sense to the reader in some languages. Even though the languages spoken by humans are arbitrary and without rules, translation tools successfully give translations that make sense. 

Another example is word processing programs. The user might not know the correct spelling of every word, yet the program can assess if the text is grammatically correct. Grammar checking tools are another type of program that relies on NLP to assess grammatical accuracy. Call centers are another business sector that uses NLP through interactive voice response. They take advantage of apps to help them respond to customer queries. 

Importance of NLP to marketers

Marketers often need to make real-time marketing decisions. They need to gain serious insights from unstructured data to help make quick, actionable decisions. NLP helps them extract data, understand it, as well as use it within a natural language context. They can use the insights to create a business language through automation. 

Better market analysis

Without understanding the market, it is hard for marketers to penetrate their niche. NLP helps marketers understand the language spoken by customers in their niche. This is a business language that drives sales and segments customers according to behavior to help marketers do targeted marketing.

Extracting real, actionable insights

As trends change, businesses rely more on big data to gain market insights from customer connections, products reviews, and survey responses. Due to data sizes, marketers must break it down into segments that computers can understand and NLP helps make it possible. Marketers no longer need to guess on actions but work on real, actionable insights. 

Creating SEO content

Keywords are essential in creating SEO marketing strategies. NLP helps marketers extract important keywords from millions of web pages that can be used in creating SEO-optimized marketing content. 


Businesses need to know the positivity or negativity of their image in the market. Marketers seek to know the effect their marketing content is impacting the market. They want to know how customers interact with its brand. The best way to know is to search what internet users are saying about the brand and NLP makes this possible.

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