How MS Excel Skills Help You Grow in Your Managerial Role

A business manager has a responsible role supervising and leading a company’s diverse group of employees and operations. They have the efficiency and productivity of the entire company on their shoulders. Fortunately, a manager with MS Excel skills has access to spreadsheet software where information is brilliantly organized and can be easily analyzed. 

Monitor and analyze data with ease

Excel is such an important software skill for a manager to have. In a manufacturing business, a manager makes use of process behavior charts to monitor a process variable over time and to see how the processes change. The control chart shouldn’t be used alone but together with MS Excel. 

A manager will want to know how to construct an Excel control chart to monitor and analyze data and improve efficiency. Yes, there is other Statistical Process Control (SPC) software available to create control charts, but it is Microsoft Excel that is the most sought after as it allows a manager to create charts with the greatest of ease. 

Helps with the preparation of financial statements

The beauty of MS Excel is that it can be used with accounting software. With MS Excel, a manager is able to produce Excel-based formatted financial reports. This is also because Excel is always the preferred file format for sharing financial data produced in Excel. The person in a managerial role knows that reports provided in an Excel-based format are what other staff members want. 

However, Excel is able to save and share workbooks as either an Excel or a PDF file. Many firms consider accounting as the main function of Excel and a manager is able to keep track of the organization’s financial transactions and budgeting with great skill. That’s because Excel has various spreadsheet templates and can generate charts and graphs as needed. 

Business analysis and finding solutions to complex problems

Excel is capable of performing both simple and complex business tasks. When you’re in a managerial role, you’re expected to recognize problems and find solutions. And that is exactly where business analysis comes in. It is an important part of using MS Excel in the workplace. It makes use of collected data from day-to-day activities to inform decision-making. 

It is used to identify the need for change in how the business works and then to facilitate that change. Making use of business analysis, a manager has to identify those solutions that will benefit the organization the most and at the same time, will also lead to personal growth as you will be able to perform your work faster and more efficiently.

Managing people

MS Excel is used by managers for a host of purposes, and one way is to manage people. MS Excel is such a powerful tool to manage information about customers and employees. Businesses know that Excel’s functionality extends beyond just figures. They use Excel to store personal information. 

A manager can keep track of information about employees, customers, and staff who are away on training courses. Huge quantities of data can be managed in Excel and spreadsheets can be used to record lots of individual information. HR managers use Excel to stay on top of things such as training to employee turnover. 

Operation Management

Operations management is all about efficient business practices and converting labor and materials into goods. Those in managerial roles have seen how Excel has such an important role in managing manufacturing or service operations. 

With inventory tracking, a manager can rely on Excel to control the flow of inventory and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Most businesses like using MS Excel as it handles plenty of operational management tasks such as managing schedules and times as well as critical dates.

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