Things Homeowners Can Do to Prevent Leaky Faucets and Pipes

Leaky faucets and pipes are the bane of every homeowner. You may not think these plumbing fixtures require immediate attention to repair them as it’s just a drip after all. You can’t surely be wasting too much water. 

The worst thing about leaky faucets and pipes, however, is the mess they cause and that constant drip-drip sound that keeps you awake at night. But what can homeowners do to prevent these irritations? 

Have plumbers inspect your plumbing fixtures

Water leaks should be regarded as an urgent repair job on the homeowner’s to-do list. If you don’t attend to it, you could be woken up at night with your bed floating down the passage in a torrent of water. By rights, you should have your pipes, faucets and other plumbing fixtures maintained annually. An affordable plumber 24/7 will be there in any plumbing emergency you have, but you could avoid these calamities. 

Having skilled plumbers checking your home’s plumbing each year can save you a lot of damage, stress, and expense. Check out Team Emergency Plumber and make sure you always get an accredited plumber in your area to assist you. They work safely and legally, swiftly bringing all your plumbing woes to an end.

Check your geyser for leaks

Homeowners can battle with leaky pipes simply because they are often hidden out of sight. Many homeowners don’t give these pipes a second thought until they see a new spread of mold on a ceiling or wall. To prevent leaky pipes, every homeowner should regularly check their geyser. They’re nearly always out of sight and may even be quite old. 

There is always the risk that it could burst. A geyser has overflow pipes but it is quite likely that the pressure control valve will need to be replaced. As a homeowner, you should check your geyser for any kind of leaking, but essentially a geyser is something that a qualified plumber should attend to.

Replace worn out washers 

Leaking faucets can run up a huge bill for you, even when it is just a minor leak. One of the reasons for a leaking faucet is worn-out washers. It’s the opening and closing of the taps that cause friction. This friction causes the washers to wear out and that’s when you get a leaking faucet. 

It is easy for a homeowner to replace a broken washer, more so if you have the right tools. You don’t want to install the wrong size washer or not do the job properly because then you’ll just sit with additional leaking. If you can’t fix a washer, give a plumber a call. 

Put the contact number of the plumber in your cell phone

A burst pipe can cause havoc in your home. Imagine your carpets having sewerage water spewing over them. A burst pipe comes about because of an increase in the water pressure. Wet carpets can be damaging to your health so before this happens, you need to check out the source of the leak. 

When carpet water damage is caused by black water, it may just be time to call professional plumbers in. Yes, homeowners can do quite a few things if they know how to prevent leaky faucets and pipes. However, if you seriously aren’t a handyman and you don’t have the tools, the next best option is to call in plumbers. 

General checks for homeowners

If you do detect a leak that you’re worried about, the very first thing to do is to turn off the main water supply. This will at least avoid a burst pipe while you work out a solution. You can usually find the shut-off valve on an outside wall of your house or out on the verge. 

Remember if you have insurance to take pictures to document the damage. Always inspect walls in the kitchen and bathroom for signs of dampness and mold. Certainly, check around the base of your toilets for cracks or leaks. Once you’ve done your part and prevented further damage, call a professional plumber as they are excellent at diagnosing the problem and fixing it quickly.

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