5 Ways to Increase Church Attendance and Overall Engagement

Why are some churches still flourishing when in-person attendance is down? Many of them make use of digital tools to foster meaningful engagement. Engagement is what creates emotional attachments between people and the church. It makes them feel connected and committed because they have a sense of belonging in relation to a community and a vision. Here are some ways to make your church members feel more engaged. 

1. Make your church website more welcoming

Church websites are important today because they offer resources to engage online visitors. Firstly, they provide a way for people who want to find out more about your church to get relevant information. 

A “What to Expect” page can provide them with your location, service times, and other contact information. You can also keep track of website analytics so you can see how well your site is performing and find out what you need to improve. 

Engagement on your website may come in the form of listening to a live stream, referring to an event calendar and signing up for an event or finding a small group to join. Connect with your people beyond Sunday with church membership software by Pushpay. You can make sure no one falls through the cracks with a profile for every member, give people an opportunity to donate, schedule volunteers, and much more. 

2. Live stream your sermons

Live streaming your sermons and then publishing them as video-on-demand on your website gives visitors a chance to listen to sermons before they decide to attend your church in person. Many people will listen to a number of messages first to get more idea of what they can expect. 

People who can’t attend church for one reason or another don’t have to miss out either. A library of video-on-demand is a resource on your website many members will appreciate as they can listen again and again to messages they found particularly inspiring and even get friends to listen to. 

3. Embrace digital communication tools

Digital communication tools, like a mobile app for your church, means you can engage your members anywhere and at any time where they are – on their mobile phones. 

Whether you want to share prayer requests or co-ordinate small groups, using an app allows you to easily send intelligent and interactive push notifications. Check that you can customize a church app to your church’s unique vision in terms of colors, icons, and messaging. 

4. Provide online resources and courses

You want to engage church members every day, not just on Sunday. Offering discipleship resources such as Bible reading plans, online courses, podcasts, videos and devotionals on your website can help members to grow spiritually. 

Engaging with all these resources on a daily basis is easy with your church app – members can listen to sermons, podcasts and music as they go about their everyday activities. As they grow spiritually, so their connections become deeper and their commitment grows. 

5. Provide an online giving solution

The more engaged your members become, the more they will want to support your vision. Give them a way to donate online while engaging with your content. Whether they want to give once-off or use a recurring giving process, mobile-friendly giving offers them secure and easy-to-use features. Setting up automatic tithing payments means they don’t have to think about tithing every month. 

Giving is an integral part of church life and members should have more opportunities to give than just on Sundays. You can also connect tithing software with other tools you use to manage your church community so you can share data seamlessly and access it when you need it. 

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