What to Do if You Don’t Get Your Favorite Username on Instagram

Recently, if you ask a few Instagram users about their first experience with registering an account, many will claim that the username that they had chosen had already been taken. With the increased number of Instagram users, it will be very hard to get a perfect name in the future.

In Instagram, the username is like your ID, and there is no way another user can have the same like you. Here are steps you can take to get your favorite username on Instagram.

Make an offer

If you find that your favorite username has been taken, it implies that you arrived at the game late. To be fair to the other person, you can contact the account owner and try to make an offer. The offer depends on the budget that you have and what whoever owns the username asks for.

Sometimes you can even skip making an offer and go directly to the power of the law. It all depends on whether the owner has accepted your offer or denied it. Most users will accept the offer in most cases, but that doesn’t mean that you force your will on the owner.

Navigate to the Instagram help center

Reporting issues connected with username infringement has never been a lap of luxury. Depending on your choice, you can start the application on either a mobile device or opt to use a desktop. Use the internet to find the link that will direct you to the Instagram help center or use your device.

Then, you will have to click on the privacy and safety center> report something > intellectual property and learn more about reporting trademark violations. After going through that page, make sure you click on “fill out this form.” Then, choose “trademark” and click the “continue with your trademark report” option.

Filling the trademark report form

Trademarks are words or unique symbols representing the name of the business you are opening the account for. It’s important to understand that if you submit misleading information about the fraudulent report of the trademark violations, the Instagram team will take action.

You will need to fill in the business’s contact information you are opening the account for on the report. State clearly who owns the trademarks – you or the business. You will also need to fill the trademark information with the certificate information for the business. 

Write a clear statement

Writing a clear statement on the reasons why you need to take the existing username will help the Instagram team make decisions quickly. Here, you have to describe why you believe the content on the account violates the rights of the business you are carrying out. 

After submitting the report, then you have to wait for the feedback from Instagram. Upon receiving the report, Instagram will send you a confirmation acknowledging the receipt of your information and state that they will be acting on your information as fast as possible. 

Check username’s account status

Checking the account’s status that the username you want to use should be the first option to take. Next, you will have to check the number of posts the account has, the last time the account was posted and if the account has the same business category as yours.

If you realize that the account is not active, that’s better for you. That implies that you should always keep your Instagram account active to prevent the username from being taken in the future. You can opt to buy Instagram followers to increase the engagement in your account from Massgress.com. It offers the best price listings for Instagram followers, depending on your budget.

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