How to Make Your Smartphone Run Faster and Smoother

Many people are over-reliant on their smartphones. They barely remember anyone’s telephone number as they can store it in their contacts directory. This is a far cry from life 20 or 30 years ago when most people committed numbers to memory.

While smartphones offer many features and conveniences, they can only run at full capacity when users look after them. If you feel your phone is underperforming, here are some tips and tricks to help:

Offload apps

Many users are eager to download apps but do not wind up using them. These apps remain on their phone, taking up space, and potentially decreasing its optimal functioning. Getting rid of these apps is essential.

Most apps will uninstall when you remove them. However, some will not and only offer the option to disable them. If you struggle to delete an app, visit for advice on canceling subscriptions and getting rid of apps you no longer use. These include apps like Audible, TikTok, POF, and YouTube.

For iOS devices, you can offload unused apps. They will still appear on your home screen with a cloud symbol next to them. You can use the app again, and it will restore your information from the cloud. It is similar to disabling an app on an Android device. You can access these apps and re-enable them whenever you want to.

System updates

Many phone operating systems and apps function in a more streamlined manner when they are updated. Pay attention to updates and install them as soon as possible. This is best done when connected to a Wi-Fi network as it might deplete your mobile data.

Most phone operating systems allow users to select app update settings only to occur when the phone connects to Wi-Fi. Indeed, most operating systems updates will also require a Wi-Fi connection.

Clean your home screen

Fancy animated wallpapers place an additional burden on a phone that can reduce its efficiency. Stick to static wallpapers as they do not require as much from the device, allowing it to function optimally.

A less cluttered home screen also enhances a device’s efficiency. You will accomplish this by uninstalling or disabling apps, as mentioned before. Another way to speed up your phone is to reduce animations. Most Android phones come with a factory preset animation scale that renders the phone’s visual effects. However, users can reduce or disable it to make their phones work more efficiently.

Save on storage

A phone’s efficiency declines as data storage reaches its maximum capability. Therefore, minimizing how much information you store on your device will enhance its performance. This does not mean getting rid of data, only moving it somewhere else.

You could insert a memory card if your phone allows it to store information. Alternatively, look at cloud storage solutions. Operating systems come with limited free cloud storage. However, it is typically insufficient for the average user’s needs. Therefore, determine what cloud storage programs you can access and choose one that will offer enough storage space to free up your phone.

Factory reset

If all else fails, do a factory reset on your phone or perform a hard restart. This is an extreme option but can make a vital difference in your phone’s performance. Ensure that you get detailed instructions for doing so on your phone’s make and model before you get started.

Remember that you will lose all additional data during a factory reset or hard restart. Back it up ahead of time if you intend to reuse it. Cloud storage or memory cards are perfect options for ensuring that you do not lose any information during this process.

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