How Are Sports Lovers Coping with Cancelled Sports Tournaments?

Sports fans are having a hard time trying to cope in a world without sporting events. Each passing day reminds them of playoffs that should be starting and they are looking for ways to fill the void left by canceled sports tournaments. 

Sports are woven into our culture and provide ways to connect socially and experience an emotional release. Here are some of the ways sports enthusiasts are finding to cope. 

Sports betting

Sports betting sites give sports enthusiasts the opportunity to predict the outcome of sports events and bet money on what they think is going to happen in a game. At, bettors can make a selection and place a wager with a bookmaker. 

Bookmakers offer odds for all the available selections, which determine how much they must pay to the bettor for a correct selection. When the chances of the selection being right are low, the odds are high and when they’re high, the odds are low. Sports lovers can bet on just about any sport, game, event or competition. 

Sports video games

Video game franchises such as FIFA and NBA 2K are popular sports titles that help fans satisfy their sports addiction. Madden NFL 2004 brought many new features to the Madden franchise and the NCAA Football series, a well-loved video game franchise.

Making the throw of an NFL quarterback is probably not going to happen in real life so why not make it happen in a video game. FIFA 15 may not be a game for soccer purists but young gamers will appreciate the good graphics and speed. Streaming services have been broadcasting video game tournaments between big stars in the NFL and NBA. 

Competitive workouts

The closing of gyms and fitness centers has been challenging but that does not mean home workouts can’t be fun. There are plenty of ways for sports fans to compete against themselves or others. Keeping track of results each week and trying to better those results the following week not only gives them a sports fix but improves their fitness too. 

Create new sports

The quarantine brought out many creative ways for sports enthusiasts to compete. They started using everyday objects to indulge their passion for sports. 

Some people played “window tennis” outside their windows and others played “sock Pacman” or “Roomba curling.” “Ping-pong ball trick shots were another way to combat boredom. Being able to aim any object into any container gives a sense of satisfaction that’s hard to beat. 

Watch sports documentaries

Watching sports documentaries can stimulate never-ending debates between sports fans. They may debate over the greatest NBA era or over whether LeBron James or Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. 

In the case of star athletes, such as Michael Jordan, documentaries can show sports fans just how much influence they have on team morale and decisions. Fans can watch old documentaries that allow them to experience some nostalgia for the past. 

Listen to sports podcasts

Everything from what NBL players do in their off-season time to knowing an athlete’s favorite food is covered on sports podcasts. 

The Bill Simmons podcast is one of the most popular sports podcasts and features interviews with celebrities and more. The Big Podcast with Shaquille O’Neal discusses all things entertainment, sports and lifestyle. Dan Katz, host of Pardon My Take discusses all those details sports lovers may not even realize they need to know. 

Even trail runners can listen to Trail Runner Nation and find tips on mental focus, pacing strategy and race nutrition. There are podcasts to appeal to just about every sports lover. 

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