Commuting to Office on a Bike? Safety Rules You Must Stick to

The bike is regarded as an environmentally safer mode of transport because it doesn’t run on gas. Most Americans use bikes to commute to work due to the health benefits associated with bike riding. For the last two years, the number of bike commuters has increased sharply and the numbers continue to grow daily.

While on the road, you must observe several safety measures for your good and the good of other road users and pedestrians. An important rule is to always have your helmet on your head and to wear a reflective garment. Here are safety rules to observe. 

Do not ignore the law

You should always remember your bike is a two-wheeled vehicle, even if it has no engine. At the traffic lights, stop when the light is red and move when it’s green. Use hand signals when turning or get someone to mount signals on your bike. If a car hits you and you are not at fault, you must contact Devkota Law Firm and sue the driver for damages.

Due to their many years of experience in personal injury law, the Kansas City personal injury attorneys will work tirelessly within the law to make sure you win. Many other customers have testified their satisfaction with the firm after they got compensated for injuries sustained from road accidents and other forms of injuries caused by negligence. 

Whether you decide to use the surface streets or the road, your bike must observe traffic rules. At every junction, slow down or stop and only cross or join the road if it’s safe. Many cyclists make the mistake of riding on when the traffic light is red. You can easily be hit by vehicles coming from the opposite side. 

Do not tailgate

When riding to work, it is dangerous to tailgate even if you are getting late. It doesn’t matter if you are riding in a bike lane or on the road. Always make sure you have at least a three-meter distance while on the bike lane and allow more space while on the road. It gives you ample braking distance if the cyclist ahead of you or the driver suddenly brakes. Car accident lawyers have been handling many accident cases that happened as a result of tailgating. 

Use the right clothing

Whenever you are riding, have a reflective top for better visibility by other cyclists and motorists. Reflective clothing is also very useful during the night when visibility is poor. Another rule is never to hit the road on your bike without a safety helmet. It protects your head from injury upon impact when you fall. 

Technology has enabled bike manufacturers to put LED lights at the back of the bike and on helmets for better visibility on the road. Riding in a pair of trousers is safer compared to riding in a dress or skirt. In the rainy season, carry a rain jacket and wear protective boots.  

Gloves do help during the cold season or early morning rides. Be ready with heavy riding gear for use in winter because it can get really cold out there and you don’t want to freeze before you get to work. You may decide to change your mode of transportation until the winter season is over. 

Regularly maintain your bike

A faulty bike can easily cause an accident due to things like a failing braking system, worn-out tires, loose pedals, and spokes. Whenever your bike’s tires are worn out, replace them. Always check the brakes to be certain they are working and test them before you leave. Carry with you a pressure pump to help when you get a flat.

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