5 Engaging Things to Do for Seniors Who Are Still Staying Home

Life in Chicago hasn’t totally returned to a state of normalcy in the wake of COVID-19. In the recent past, more than 500 new COVID-19 hospitalizations have been reported in Illinois. 

On one hand, many Chicago locals are anxious for us all to be able to get out and interact with each other as we did before the health crisis began. On the other hand, there are also people who believe it’s prudent to remain cautious. In particular, many elderly and vulnerable Chicagoans are still choosing to stay home. They have obvious justification for doing so, considering that 83 percent of the recently hospitalized COVID patients are over the age of 60.

Life at home may seem safer, but it can also get a bit dull. One can only watch so much television without going stir crazy. If you’re ready to turn off the TV and do something else, consider the following 5 suggestions for engaging things seniors can do at home:

Do a Daily At-Home Workout

Exercise can improve your quality of life, and it might also help you to keep your memory sharpened. But don’t despair if you’ve recently had to let your gym membership lapse.  According to research published in the journal known as Ageing Research Reviews,  a home-based aerobic exercise regimen is sufficient for empowering seniors to improve their fitness levels. There are many fitness-boosting exercises appropriate for seniors to do at home. 

Play Trivia Games

If you have other family members staying at home with you, you could get everyone together for stimulating trivia games like Boom Again or Trivial Pursuit. If you’re at home alone, you could play online trivia games or perhaps even pick up a fun trivia quiz book.

Grow an Edible Garden

With Chicago food prices soaring, growing an edible garden is a productive thing to do. If you live in a home that has even a small backyard, you can use some of the space to grow crops like lettuce and green beans. Alternatively, you could choose to grow interesting things that you can’t get at the grocery store — or things that are prohibitively expensive to buy at the grocery store. Perhaps you might like to try growing edibles like gooseberries or elderberries, for example.

An at-home vegetable garden isn’t easily accessible to everyone, since many Chicagoans live in condos, apartments and homes that don’t include much land. For those who are choosing to stay strictly isolated, it isn’t even an option to visit any of the community gardens in the area. But even if that’s your situation, you could try planting some container-friendly edible plants. There are edible herbs that flourish in window boxes and flower pots. You could plant a few containers with herbs or produce to liven up the space on a sunny balcony. 

Get a Work-From-Home Job

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, there were many people who retired early even though they weren’t fully prepared to do so. This has created a situation where some seniors aren’t just staying at home because they’re worried about catching COVID; they’re stuck at home because they’re too broke to go out and do anything else.

Happily, there are now sizable numbers of work-from-home jobs available. Many of these jobs are suitable for seniors.  In fact, seniors are the ideal applicants for some online jobs such as online tutor and digital content creator; in these knowledge-intensive roles, seniors’ broad range of life experiences tends to give them an advantage.

Get Started With Learning a New Hobby

Now is a fantastic time to take up a new hobby such as painting, woodworking, sewing, jewelry making or knitting. Any of these pastimes could keep you engaged in making beautiful and useful projects. Another idea: Try preparing a different type of cuisine than you usually do. Or you could take up a creative new hobby that involves food — perhaps baking or cake decorating.

These are just a few engaging ideas for alleviating boredom if you’re still choosing to stay at home during the aftermath of COVID-19. Any of these activities could enrich your life and become a productive addition to your daily at-home routine.

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