Writing Killer Product Descriptions to Boost Sales on Your Online Store

When customers get to your page searching for a product to suit their needs, convincing them to click on “add to cart” is the next task. You can do this by having a killer product description with the aim of explaining what a product does and why people should buy it. 

Although effective product descriptions are powerful, they can be difficult to write, especially with a long list of items. Read on to understand the guidelines for writing killer product descriptions on your online store. 

Focus on Search Engine Optimization

Whatever tasks you perform on your online store, focus on optimizing content for search engines. SEO is an excellent way to attract customers to your web page, which is the initial step to convince them to buy.

Optimization starts with keywords, and so with keyword research, you can discover the best keywords for your store. You can do this by looking for bolded words to understand what Google favors most. If this sounds like an uphill task, seek help from an SEO strategist or link-building company.

The link building services like Linkflow.ai offer what you need for your SEO to drive traffic and convert. The company uses anchor text powered by strong keywords to develop valuable editorial links suitable for your online store. The link-building experts will review your content, site design, and internal links to create an actionable roadmap for your SEO. 

Pay attention to product benefits

You may be tempted to share your product qualities and their unique specifications. However, buyers are not necessarily concerned with the product features but are more interested in how beneficial those products are.

Whereas a product feature reveals the technical facts about a product, the benefits tell customers how that product can improve their lives in measurable ways. Every product feature should be followed by a clear description of its benefits to ensure that the descriptions are persuasive enough.

Understand the target audience

Defining your target audience is a step towards explaining the product features that may interest potential buyers. This starts by having an understanding of your buyer persona and a breakdown of the potential customers’ characteristics. This can help to target different types of sales leads depending on their preferences. 

When writing product descriptions, consider how an individual arrived at your page and what their interests are. You may also want to know why the person is interested in your store and how they would describe your products to someone else. 

Use natural tone and language

After reading the product description, it should sound like an actual conversation that you may have with someone. If the product description does not represent a real conversation, consider redefining it. 

Let the natural tone come out clearly to allow customers to connect well with your brand. Avoid sweeping claims or empty adjectives and assume a conversation with a frond while explaining the product benefits. Using consistent language and tone to match the brand helps build trust with customers and enhance brand memorability. 

Share a complete story

A killer product description should contain all relevant details about the product, have an emotional impact, and convince potential buyers. Emotions influence buying behavior and so product description is a great way to elicit emotions. 

In addition to product features, a description should include a complete story about your brand. It can focus on the way the product can be used and this may help a buyer to imagine having the product in their lives. 

When telling a story about your brand in the product description, ask yourself about the origin of the product and what inspired the brand. You may also address the question of the whole journey towards making the product a success. 

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