The Reasons People Love Watching Anime

Anime has continued growing as a popular form of entertainment worldwide. What was once a local Japanese favorite has now managed to win the hearts of people around the world. So what is so special about anime? Here are five reasons why people love watching anime. 

Manga in motion

Manga lovers always look forward to their favorite series in motion. Anime is manga in motion, with incredible animation and detailed replication of the comics themselves. Characters have a voice, a personality that is reflected in their movement and they are vivid and real. However, not all manga lovers like to watch anime as it eliminates the process of imagining scenes. 

Another reason is that anime shows can be produced faster than their manga, resulting in filler episodes that aren’t of the same quality. Naruto is a big example, with almost half of Shippuden being fillers. Boruto, Naruto’s successor, is another show that is 30% filler. 

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Creative animation

Each anime is different in its style of animation. You could watch dozens of anime series and be awestruck by the unique creativity in each of their animation styles. Anime fans and experts evaluate an anime’s animation not just by how realistic it looks but also by how creative and artistic it is. 

Take My Hero Academia, for instance. Deku’s fight with Kacchan Todoroki during the festival, the ice and fire expanding the air, was so cinematic and creatively designed to create the maximum impact possible. 

The fight between All Might and All for One is yet another great example. Other anime shows with great animation include One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer, and Attack on Titans. 

Unique storylines

Thanks to their foundational manga, anime series have immersive and unique storytelling. Each character has value, a backstory, and struggles. It’s impossible to outright hate any villain or love a hero. There’s always something that they lack or something that is the reason they are the way they are. 

Moreover, there are dozens of different kinds of anime, enough for almost any kind of audience. There’s romance, drama, horror, action, inspiration, and so much more. The story is what attracts people to anime, with other factors making the experience all the more memorable. 


Soundtracks are yet another important element of anime that keeps fans hooked on shows. Anime creators don’t ever create just one intro or end sequence. These segments keep evolving as the anime progresses, with each sequence having a new backing track. 

The soundtrack keeps growing and evolving with the story and characters as well. There’s never a point in anime where the audience is made to listen to the same loop of songs. The music goes in tandem with the emotions and behavior of the characters. 

This massively influences the impact each episode has on the audience. The soundtrack becomes a means of tweaking and constantly improving the experience of the audience.

Lessons and inspiration

Manga always teaches its readers something new and anime does the same. The writers go to great depths while creating characters and developing them as the series progresses. The audience is made to learn alongside the characters. 

Anime can be extremely philosophical, dealing with prevailing ideas about life, death, friendships, authority, and hierarchy. They can be educational in other aspects as well. Food Wars is an anime about cooking, where the audience learns different cooking techniques alongside the characters. 

As the characters get better at cooking, so does the audience in knowing what will taste good and what won’t. Fans keep coming back for more as there’s always something new, something unique to learn. 

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