Great Editing with Stitch on TikTok

TikTok editing features are powerful due to their ability to allow the addition of filters, sound, text, and blurring of videos. User experience is now even better after TikTok added yet another editing feature called “Stitch.” 

With Stitch, users are now able to tag responses to other users through videos. Using Stitch, users can clip portions of videos from other users and post them as their own. Like the “Duet” feature, the “Stitch” feature is not automatically activated and users must activate it to allow other users to clip their videos.  

What can “Stitch” do?

As mentioned on, the newest TikTok trends feature the recently released editing feature called “Stitch.” It can help users perform several tasks to help improve their content and sharing experience. A user might fall in love with a video from another user and want to use it as their own. 

If the other user has switched on “Stitch,” the user can clip the video and use the scenes they love most. They will give credit to the author but use the clipped video as their own. The clipped video will backlink to the original video so that the author benefits even as the user who clipped it benefits. 

In simple words, ‘Stitch” allows you to add further information or give a different interpretation of someone else’s video. It encourages users to know the importance of giving credit to someone else’s original work. Ordinary individual users, as well as brands both, benefit from “Stitch.”  

Steps to enable TikTok Stitch 

Stitch is not automatically enabled and you have to enable it yourself. TikTok set it that way to respect your privacy if you feel you don’t want your videos clipped by others. Let us now enable Stitch. 

Open your profile and look for three vertical dots on one corner. Tap on the dots and a menu will open. Select privacy and check the menu ‘who can Stitch with your videos. You will have three options and you can only choose one between everyone, no one, and friends and then save changes. 

You don’t have to worry if users who clip your videos will acknowledge you as the author and take all credit. Once a user clips your video, Stitch will automatically add a backlink to your original video and no user will ever manage to erase it. 

You will get credit for every video that gets clipped. Each time you create a video, you will have the option to specify who can stitch your video even if you selected everyone when setting Stitch. The feature allows you to stitch your own videos even when your Stitch feature is off. 

Steps to Stitch a video 

Step one 

It is very easy to stitch a video that you love on TikTok. Open your TikTok app and begin watching and scrolling the videos you like. Once you have a choice video, check the button named to share on the right side. 

Step two 

Check the icon “Stitch” and tap on it. Check the color of the Duet, WhatsApp, SMS, and Stitch buttons and if they are grey, it means the video author hasn’t authorized clipping but if the color is black, it means their Stitch is enabled and you can clip. 

Step three 

You must select the option clip less than 5 seconds, and then Next. 

Step four 

Tap on the red button to begin recording and use the video as your own. You are free to choose where you want your clip to appear in your video, either at the beginning, middle, or end. 

Step five

Add your effects, music, voice, and text afterward and then share. 

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