Five Top Industries Where Six Sigma Should be Implemented

Every industry has its own challenges to overcome. Many companies, however, are not even aware that they have issues to sort out or that their processes can be improved on. 

Then there are other companies who know that there are problems but do not know where to begin to fix them. For these companies, there is the Six Sigma method. The question is which industry the Six Sigma method is best suited for. 

Healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is very complex and figuring out where the problems lie can be quite tricky, especially where there are two or more firms that work closely together. With a Six Sigma Certification, you will be able to design and implement quality management programs to preserve the synergy in large healthcare operations. 

OpEx Learning is where you want to obtain your Lean Six Sigma certification because of their state-of-the-art online platform. You will be able to complete your studies while not being bound to a specific location. Their focus is on excellence in execution which means that you will have access to some of the best resources and well-designed courses currently on the market. 

Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is rife with opportunities to implement Six Sigma methodologies to improve the manufacturing process. The whole purpose of Six Sigma is to expose problems and curate solutions. In the manufacturing industry, problems can sometimes be hidden. 

What many companies mistake for problems are symptoms of a root problem. They end up spending thousands of dollars on treating a symptom of a problem, only to have it return after a while. 

Six Sigma methods expose the root problems and provide you with the tools and skills to design solutions to eradicate the symptoms. These processes have to be renewed periodically as technology and techniques continually change. 

Information technology sector

The software and hardware industry is super competitive and fast-paced. A new computer today is outdated tomorrow. Software that is written today might not be able to run on new operating systems or hardware. That is where Six Sigma training comes in handy. It is project-based and can be implemented on every new project. 

The purpose is to make staff more productive and the products that get churned out, a better quality. Six Sigma enables you to prepare for multiple scenarios and cover all your bases when you design new technologies.

Textile industry

The textile industry is very closely linked to the manufacturing industry, but here the focus is placed on consistency. When a particular material or textile is manufactured, the same quality has to be replicated over and over again. 

Six Sigma provides you with the tools to identify areas where defects can occur and create processes and solutions to mitigate those areas of concern. It further allows you to put quality control measures in place to ensure that products are always of the same standard. Lastly, it gives you the tools to design experiments to improve on the textiles and the manufacturing process. 

Telecom industry

The communications industry is just as competitive as the IT industry. However, the main focus is not necessarily on the products that telecom companies make use of but rather the service delivery aspect. The delivery process is scrutinized and any flaw is identified and dealt with promptly. In the telecom industry, service is everything and downtime is a killer. 

The faster you can respond to an issue, the more customers will stay loyal. Any process of service delivery is constantly monitored to detect if everything is running smoothly. If problems arise, Six Sigma is there to find a workable and lasting solution.           

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