Preparing Yourself Before Moving to a Rainy Area

Moving to a new neighborhood can be exciting as you prepare to meet new neighbors, make new friends and explore the geography of the area. There is a challenge, though, when you are moving to a rainy area. 

You must be prepared with more than one rain gear and most of all, you will have more than enough water to handle. You must have plans on storage or draining away excess water in your compound to avoid damage to your house. 

Check on the drainage

You might procrastinate on perfecting drainage if you live in a place that receives less rainfall throughout the year. The situation will be different in a rainy area because drainage will be a priority. Your house will be collecting a lot of water and without a way of disposal, the water will destroy your house, your garden, and your driveway. 

Before you move, arrange with Rainscape Roofing Contractors to come on the ground and do a free assessment of your drainage system and advise the best action to take. Most residents rate Rainscape as the Kansas City roofer because of their expertise and professionalism while on site. 

They will inspect every aspect of your drainage system right from the roof to the basement to ensure all water is collecting to the gutters without leaking. They will inspect the gutters, pipes, garden drainage, foundation drainage, backyard, and driveway drainage. If there is any problem, they will advise and correct the problem. 

Prepare a mudroom 

A rainy area means your shoes will be wet most of the time and you will have your rain gear on every time it rains. A home without a mudroom makes the front door messy with muddy shoes, wet umbrellas, and rain gear and this also affects the floor. 

 A mudroom shall be a small room in the entryway where people coming into the house can remove their shoes and rain gear. The room should have hooks to hang raincoats and a shoe rack to hold the wet shoes. You should easily access the house from the mudroom without getting wet again. 

Install hard flooring

The front entrances will mostly be moist due to water on the feet of your family members as they go out and come in. A rug might not give you a better advantage unless you are prepared to clean it often. Coated hardwood floors or hard tiles might not require a lot of cleaning and will not absorb a lot of water. 

It will be okay to have rugs or carpets in your bedrooms or living area but let there be no rugs on the entrances. Water from the roof of the house must not splash right outside the entrances because it will be hard to keep the floor and walls of your house clean. The local roofing companies can help with the best ways to control water from the roof. 

Landscape the compound wisely 

Water within your compound can be a nuisance if it stagnates or flows towards your house. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and your house will remain permanently cold unless you are prepared to pay high bills trying to make the house warm. The gradient of your garden should face away from the house and install underground drainage. 

Get ready to move 

Get ready for the final moving day and prepare to protect your furniture from wet weather. Wrap your valuables with plastic wrap and cover your furniture with comforters. Protect the family clothes well and hire movers who have enclosed vehicles. Prepare a place for unloading in advance and have enough people to help you move away from everything into the house as fast as possible. 

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