How Not to Let Overwork Affect Your Personal Goals

We all feel exhausted at times, but for some, overwork is happening every day and that feeling of exhaustion persists. If you allow burnout to become a priority, it can ultimately lead to unproductivity and then there’s no way you can achieve your personal goals.

Lack of sleep and acne

Overwork can cause sleep deprivation because of anxiety and stress. These can increase your chances of getting acne. The positive knock-on effects of good sleep include improved mood and clearer thinking. Who doesn’t want glowing, younger-looking skin?

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Optimal nutrition

There is certainly nothing wrong with being committed to your work, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a workaholic. Overwork impacts negatively on your well-being and your goals.

Overwork, where you’re driven to work obsessively, will make you feel flat and distracted. If you want to reach your goals of handing in your work on time, don’t skip meals.

Think light and fresh with meals, remembering to include protein for mind power. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fresh water and with optimal nutrition and hydration, you feel more energized.

Time management

Overwork can put your schedules out of control. You’re so busy working that you forgot to even respond to your best friend’s invitation. You feel demotivated as the day goes on because you’re not reaching your work goals and you’re not popular with family and friends either.

Get up just a little earlier each day and plan it. Get a grip on everything that absolutely has to get done and stick with your plan. Time management is also about learning not to overwhelm yourself with an impossible number of goals.

Some goals are unachievable, so it is better to make some worthwhile and lasting changes that can have a positive impact on your health.

Uplift your spirits

You’ve made it a goal of yours to do the Chicago Basin, Weminuche Wilderness hike in Colorado, where physical fitness is essential. Because of overwork, stress, and malaise, it’s just another goal that you’re going to have to shelve.

The excitement in your friend’s voice at the thought of doing the hike together is something that will just have to change to dismay and disappointment because that what overwork is about – ill health and disappointments all along the way. The solution, of course, is to not only plan your days but your months too.

A chance to get out into the wilderness and away from cell phones and ongoing work is the tonic you need to recharge your flattened batteries.

Even overwork deserves some gratitude

Covid-19 has stripped many people of their livelihoods and their lives. You can start each day by celebrating that you have life and that you have work. Being grateful has been shown to significantly increase your happiness and also your physical health.

Overwork can just be a reminder to you of how thankful you should be that you still have work. Take a moment each day to be thankful for the work you have, and that you can rather complain about overwork than lack of work.

Remind yourself every day that having work is a gift and it’s just one of the many blessings you have to be grateful about.

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