Mistakes in Naruto That True Fans Were Quick to Spot Out

Some people like Naruto and then there are devout fans who not only watch the series but analyze every aspect of it and develop theories. The latter group are the ones who know when something is wrong, it is as if their senses go on when something is amiss. The normal fan will be completely oblivious of any mistakes, but true fans are not fooled that easily. 

The kiss that stripped Naruto of his whiskers

To say that Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship is strained is an understatement. In only the third episode, an ill-timed push shoved Naruto into a lip lock with Sasuke. In the process, Naruto’s whiskers disappeared. 

Some would argue that it was such a shock that it was a natural response, but most fans agree that it was not supposed to go down that way. Well, the fans who watch every episode with great interest and know about Naruto filler worth watching, know it better.

Obito’s prophetic Flashback Before Minato Was Even Elected

Obito’s flashback was revelatory for more than one reason. Not only was his reasons for revenge revealed, but Minato was shown as the fourth Hokage before his time. Minato’s face was visible on The Great Stone Faces Of The Hokage, but this was even before Konoha’s yellow flash where Minato was not even elected at the fourth Hokage. 

Orochimaru’s forehead protector disappears at one point

The head protectors in Naruto are kind of iconic and forgetting to add them to a scene is quite a big deal, especially when the character is someone as notorious as Orochimaru. During the flashback where Orochimaru’s lab is revealed, his head protector is nowhere to be seen. Given his status and level of power, it seemed a bit anticlimactic and insulting. 

The final battle with missing whiskers… again

Naruto was once again the victim of an animation malfunction when his whiskers were once again missing during his final battle with Sasuke

The battle itself was epic and left the audience gobsmacked, but that little detail irked the religious followers. Every time they want to watch the final battle, they are greeted with an incomplete Naruto. It is as if his power is in his whiskers. 

Rin’s face paint sometimes vanish

Rin is such an intense character and part of her intensity springs from the purple paint that resembles that of ancient war paint. When she is taken by the Kiri-nin, her paint seems erratic as it comes and goes during the scene. 

Although it is a small oversight, it distracts from the overall effect of the scene. It is a pity that someone like Rin and the events that follow is drawn in err.

Naruto the line cutter

Naruto was consistent in many aspects, from suspense to action to animation errors. From the first episode, these errors appear regularly. During the first episode, Naruto originally stands behind Shikamaru as Sasuke is called to perform the clone Jutsu. 

Not one scene later, he jumped the queue and stood between Shikamaru and Ino. How odd is it that the young Shinobi was able to move up the line in the space of one scene? 

Naruto’s goggles replaced by his head protector

Although this is not an animation error per se, the fans were left with a slightly less iconic Naruto after he received his head protector. According to the animators, Naruto’s goggles were an absolute pain to draw and when the opportunity presented itself, they decided to chuck the goggles completely when he got his head protector. 

This meant the end of an era and changed the course of Naruto’s appearance forever. Most Naruto fans will agree that it was a major oversight. 

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