What Makes the Digital Nomad Life in Thailand So Cool?

Digital nomads provide freelance services online, from photography to writing services and on the go web services. Thousands of bloggers, online ad agency owners, and serial entrepreneurs making millions a year chose to be digital nomads running their business through the internet. 

They frequently travel in search of inspiration, new life stories, sceneries, and Thailand is an excellent location providing them everything at an unbelievably low cost. Several creative freelancers come to Thailand for its beautiful beaches and its advanced work infrastructure. 

Office on a budget 

The most significant advantage of coworking spaces is the budget, as sharing reduces costs and enables everyone to use costly amenities at an affordable price. Thailand’s Ekkamai is a posh neighborhood offering first-rate shared offices for IT professionals, web designers, bloggers, photographers, and graphic designers. Thailand is a country known for its serene beauty. 

Creative artists attracted to the land use coworking space Ekkamai to conduct their business without interruption and quickly sell their work online. Ekkamai is in Bangkok and freelancers who indulge in various jobs throughout Thailand taking photographs, getting inspiration for writing, and meditating visit the coworking spaces once in a while to ensure their online business runs smoothly. 

Excellent climate 

Thailand is a paradise with a tropical climate compared to many European countries with freezing weather. The temperature is moderate throughout the year, and the clear blue skies are visible almost every day. Some people might find the climate hot and unbearable on the beach and the city’s crowded parts. 

Ekkamai offers solace to such foreigners providing them condos and shared office spaces with all the necessary amenities like gardens, swimming pools, and state of the art cooling facilities to keep them comfortable. 

Ekkamai and Thonglor, two parallel streets situated on the southern side of Bangkok, are filled with upscale restaurants and café’s providing European food. 

Outstanding support system 

The offices in Ekkamai are built with the sole aim of serving the digital nomads frequenting Thailand to capture its beauty in their camera and words. 

Thailand’s government gives immense importance to tourism, and they see coworking places as a great way to attract freelancers to work in Thailand and promote the country to the rest of the world. 

Tourists looking for a local vibe in Ekkamai will often get disappointed, but foreigners looking for offices with IT infrastructure equivalent to the western standards find the place fascinating. The shared offices provide all amenities, from parcel receiving services to delivering a digital address, a receptionist service, and conference halls to conduct meetings. 

New culture 

The most significant benefit of working in Thailand is getting to explore its new culture. Sitting on a balcony with beautiful flowers and fresh smelling herbs attending a client call amidst the birds’ chirp is a mind-blowing experience for many freelancers. 

The shared offices make it a point to showcase their culture and greenery exuberantly in the office interiors, which intrigues the foreigners like they are in fairyland. The excellent IT infrastructure makes connecting with the world from here a breeze with super-fast internet connections and local talent ready to assist you in attending phone calls, answering client queries, and doing all backup work. 

Mind-blowing food 

Both Ekkamai and Thonglor are known for their great Western food and bars serving costly drinks. Locals often say there is nothing much to do in these streets other than eat, drink and work and many digital nomads look precisely for this. They want to work without distraction in a professional environment with good food they used to eat in their country. 

Ekkamai has several upscale restaurants serving their needs correctly. Both local Thai food, continental and exclusive five-course gourmet meals are served in these streets, making food-loving locals and foreigners frequent these places regularly.

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