Top Corgi Puppy Facts that Make Them the Most Amazing Pets

Recent years have seen the Corgi become one of the most sought-after dog breeds in America. With their short legs and stout bodies, Corgis are universally adored by dog lovers. They tend to have big personalities and make for fun canine companions.

How much do you know about Corgis and their puppies? Here are some fun facts you might not be aware of:

There are two Corgi breeds

Cardigan and Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies might look alike, and they are equally adorable, although there are some differences. 

As mentioned on, most Pembroke Welsh Corgis are born with very short tails. In the past, those born with tails had them docked when they were 2-5 days old. However, docking is illegal in many countries today. On the other hand, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a generously long and fluffy tail. Pembroke Corgis tend to be more outgoing than their Cardigan counterparts.

Corgis are herding dogs

To look at them, you could be forgiven for not knowing that Corgis are herding dogs. However, these pups prove that dynamite comes in small packages as they are efficient herders. 

If you notice your Corgi nipping at your heels and trying to guide you somewhere, know that your pup’s herding instincts are coming out that day. Even as puppies, Corgis will attempt to herd their humans as they perceive this as a way of keeping you safe.

Corgis have a silly side

If you are looking for a goofy puppy who enjoys silly games, look no further than a Corgi. These canines are known for their love of playing and happy nature. Put these two characteristics together, and you have a bundle of fun who is not ashamed to show off their crazy sense of humor. 

Best of all, when Corgis get out of breath, their tongues tend to hang out of the side of their mouths, adding to that hilarious look.

Dressing Corgis up is fun

As small to medium-sized dogs, Corgis are perfect for owners who like playing dress-up with their canines. Most doggie outfits and costumes are designed and manufactured for this dog size, although you might struggle to find the right fit if your Corgi is a little on the chubby side. 

Look out for fun Halloween costumes and outfits for just about any occasion online and you will have a subject for dozens of photographs to share on social media.

Corgis have outsized ears

A Corgi’s ears might seem incongruous with the rest of its body as they are disproportionately large. However, they add a distinct amount of character to a Corgi’s face. Their ears are quite mobile and can be pricked up when the dog is on full alert or pinned back if they know they are in trouble. 

Combined with the large puppy dog eyes a Corgi can throw at you, there is no way you will stay angry at your pup for too long. Best of all, at least one of those adorable ears is likely to become floppy when your Corgi baby comes running at you full speed, which only adds to its character.

Corgis are good swimmers

With their thick fur and the extra body weight many Corgis carry, you would think that these dogs would not be great swimmers

Nevertheless, Corgis are agile in the water and many love to swim, so much so that they will take any opportunity to get wet. You only need to invite a Corgi into your swimming pool once for them to assume that the pool is at their disposal whenever they need to cool off.

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