Times When You Need a Handgun for Your Safety

People trying to take advantage of other vulnerable classes often target women and children for theft and assault. Staying prepared and protected with the fully loaded weapon will give immense confidence for women. 

Specific smart preparations and advanced technology usage can help women safeguard themselves and their families from several types of attacks. Staying calm and fearless in a dire situation is the essential weapon any person could rely on more than a piece of metal. Here is a list of five ways to stay safe in the most common attack-prone situations.

Gun protection for the single mom

Single moms get targeted by several groups indulging in illegal activities, from human traffickers to robbers and people looking for easy one-night pickups. Single moms need to learn 

Self-defense or use a weapon to protect their children and themselves. The greatest challenge single moms face is time, as they have to take care of the children and manage their professional life, leaving little time to learn self-defense. 

Concealedcarry-ed.com solves this issue by providing online courses to learn gun shooting within a short time in many states. A Virginia concealed carry permit, which can be extremely useful to single moms, can be obtained by completing just six to ten hours of training.

Traveling alone

Executives traveling alone often have to face various issues from being stranded in a new city or country alone, language problems, and issues from locals targeting them. 

Most local thieves and robbers in new countries often consider all the tourists extraordinarily wealthy and target them for their credit cards, electronic items, and the other costly things they might carry. 

Having a concealed weapon and showcasing it fearlessly will threaten the local goons. Knowing how to handle the gun properly without hurting the locals unnecessarily will aid in escaping dangerous situations easily. It is wise to avoid shady areas in the new cities and travel safely with a good company if possible. 

Camping in a remote location

Camping rejuvenates mental and physical health and provides a nice distraction from the mundane daily activities. However, remote camping grounds serve as one of the most targeted areas for human traffickers who kidnap people for their organs. Always use reliable camping sites and try to have a company or keep the campground authorities informed about your location. 

If solitude is essential, use a GPS device to relay your location to an authorized person and have a distress signal emitting device handy. Use it without hesitation, even if there is a slight doubt about being followed or watched, and be ready to use the backup weapon in case of attack. 

Handling intruders in public places

Lonely parking lots, empty bowling alleys, and apartment gardens at night are three prime locations most small crimes happen in a city. It is surprising to know these places are more unsafe than dingy alleys and remote street corners. 

The police warn the surprise element is the central plus point of theft attacks as the looters take the victims by surprise and rob them before they could conjure what is happening. 

Women should stay extra safe in such areas they tend to carry more valuables than men, like emergency money or simple gold or diamond ornaments. Be on red alert while using these places and be trained to pull out the concealed weapon within a split-second. 

Overcoming physical assault 

Physical assaults are common while in a vehicle in remote areas or traveling at odd hours without company. Using a nail to puncture the car tire and hitting the person getting down from the back is very common. 

Try to get down alertly, holding the weapon, in such situations, and be ready for attack. If possible, call friends or neighbors in the nearby area staying in the car. If thieves or robbers attack the vehicle or try to rob while you are riding a bike, use the mobile to telecast your location to authorities through apps dedicated for the purpose.

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