The Factors that Make Coworking a Hot Trend

It is estimated that at least a third of the current workforce are freelancers or hired by small businesses. Statistics like this point to the slow evolution that is occurring in the corporate world. The corporate space may still be dominated by large enterprises that employ thousands of people, but the difference can be seen when looking at the employees themselves. 

As the years tick by, people are becoming increasingly more dissatisfied by working the same job, in the same cubicle for 9 hours every weekday. Younger generations desire diversity and flexibility, which is why they are either starting their own businesses or joining small start-up ventures. 

Both of these routes have added to the demand for coworking space. But what makes coworking spaces more attractive than simply working from home?

They are generally well-located

In the last year, the world saw a sudden rise in the number of business interactions that took place online. While people are slowly dropping the need for in-person meetings and negotiations, there remain certain instances where a physical presence is required. People who work predominantly from home may have more comforts but they are generally not conveniently located. 

In contrast, coworking spaces tend to be located in city centers,, which makes attending meetings much easier. The coworking space on lease in Chicago by is a clear example of the accessibility gained from such spaces. 

It increases the customer pool

When working from home or in a coffee shop, you do not have any passive exposure to customers. Any potential leads will not stumble across your company or brand simply by walking past your temporary workspace. Coworking spaces tend to be leased by similar or complementary companies. 

The result of this is that when customers visit the company that is located a couple of desks down, they will also be introduced to your brand. This type of customer exposure is certainly cheaper and more personal than a full-fledged marketing campaign. 

Formal meeting places are provided

Coffee shops and headphones – these are the bread and butter of the dot com generation. Walking into any popular coffee shop will attest to the fact that young professionals prefer having business meetings in a social place. But it is not possible to have every business interaction in these new meeting rooms. 

There are times when a more formal and private space is required. Coworking venues offer such formal meeting rooms, which can be used when an added layer of professionalism is needed. 

You get to meet like-minded people

As human beings, we are social creatures. We cannot live in isolation, regardless of what current meme-culture suggests. Remote and freelance workers only interact with the people in their team and their customers. This does not promote growth, either personally or professionally. 

When working in a coworking space, this pool of interaction is drastically increased. It is no longer just you and your team on the call. Instead, there are people from multiple fields and practices to talk to, interact with and learn from. 

You will also probably find a couple of like-minded people in this space who could be great to bounce ideas off of during a productivity slump. 

Great thoughts come from great environments

There are not many of us who can consistently come up with ground-breaking ideas without any influence or input from our environment. This can become especially difficult if your working environment is very isolated and dull. 

An average coworking space has been designed in a modern and exciting way that is poised to increase productivity and creativity. These spaces provide an environment that can help keep a team or individual motivated.

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