Remote Businesses You can Start at a Minimal Cost

If you have always wanted to start an online business and work remotely, it is easier than ever to do it today. You can do it at a minimal cost as long as you have a laptop, a phone and access to Wi-Fi. If you want the remote work lifestyle and you do not have much startup cash, here are some businesses that you could consider starting.

Digital marketing

If you have a background in digital marketing, you could consider starting an online digital marketing business. Your team could operate from all over the world and communicate using Google Docs, video sharing, conferencing and other technology that makes remote working possible today. Making clients feel secure working with a remote business is one of the most important factors when you’re not physically close to them. 

As your business is remote, you can work from anywhere in the world and using a coworking space means you can meet other like-minded people and save costs. For example, you can find a coworking space in BGC, a popular business district in Metro Manila, Philippines and the most popular place for coworking in the Philippines today. The BCG is a commercial hub with state-of-the-art buildings, planned infrastructure, glitzy shopping areas and upscale global restaurants as well as cafes, cocktail bars and nightclubs.

Editorial services

If you’re always picking up other people’s grammar and spelling mistakes, an editorial services business may be a good option for you. If you have excellent grammar skills, you could edit content yourself and approach big websites, magazines, digital agencies or corporates directly for work as all of them need high-level content regularly.

However, you could probably make more money acting as a middleman between freelance editors and clients. You will need to focus on building up relationships with your clients because trust is an important factor when it comes to services like copy-editing and proofreading. A couple of good contracts from big companies can really set you on the right path.

Accounting services

If you enjoy working with numbers but you do not want to get into a suit and tie and work in an office every day, think about being an online accountant. All you will need is your accounting certification, a phone and a laptop. To be successful as an online accountant and gain a regular, faithful client base, you will need to make sure your customer service is excellent. 

Website designing

Every successful company today needs a well-designed website so you should be able to find clients quite easily as a website designer if you have a strong portfolio of your designs to share with them.

This business requires creativity and you can acquire the coding and SEO knowledge you need through taking online classes. Your unique designs, the quality of your work and your customer service will help you to establish a loyal client base.

Online coaching

If you love helping people and have expertise in communication, being a life coach could be a good fit. You could consider specializing in a subject of your choice, whether this is nutrition, dating, business, self-development or spirituality. 

For example, you may decide to offer business coaching to consultants and freelancers. You could arrange private video calls and offer video courses as well as ebooks to clients. 

Virtual assistant

You might think it’s a very routine job and pays less. Well, that’s not the case. Your pay and work level as a VA entirely depends on your level of skills and value you can add to your employer’s daily tasks. Being a virtual assistant is a very popular online business idea. Your job is basically to offer clients administrative assistance in the form of scheduling appointments, replying to emails, creating spreadsheets etc. 

Many virtual assistants specialize in certain areas in specific industries. For example, they may help clients manage their social media accounts or even run their online stores. You can find work as a virtual assistant through several online marketplaces.

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