Reasons Why Marriage Is Considered a Sacred Bond

Marriage becomes a sacred bond because of various social, economic, and societal reasons. Besides, there are physical and psychological needs associated with a civilized society woven closely into the practice. 

The main qualities related to marriage, like faith and loyalty, evolved over centuries taming down the cavemen humans to form cultured societies. Let us explore some key reasons marriage is considered a sacred bond and why it is necessary to keep our community afloat. 

History of marriage

Marriages in ancient days were a tool to appease or a strategy to establish peace between clans. Marriages between families of equal monetary status and power favored prosperous trade and paved the way for mutual faith. Thus the qualities of faith, family union, and prosperity became associated with marriage.

Marriage became a sacred ritual from the 12th century due to the enormous rise in religious personalities’ influence. In most societies, the priests held in high honor were called upon to bless the couples and then started to conduct the whole ceremony. The Victorian era rejected many outdated principles and tied marriage to love. 

The psychological importance of marriage 

Marriage is a lot about wearing wedding dresses and elegant mother of the bride dresses tea length with expensive gifts to express happiness and there’s an even bigger side to it. Every man and woman has a deep-seated need to be accepted the way they are by someone they consider ideal. This longing, cultivated in a child by their parents, often searches for approval from friends, society, and other third circle people. 

This longing gets fulfilled only when they find the right life-partner they desperately want to own and share the rest of their life. Most fiercely fighting couples stay together because they have accepted the other person wholeheartedly with all their flows at a subconscious level, and their partners know it. 

Societal vitality of marriage 

The need for acceptance and recognition is the basis of all human evolution, and a family created out of marriage gives every person a chance to be a leader. No matter how poor or non-talented a father and a mother is, they are still the head of the family and an integral part of the society. 

Married couples put behind their needs for their family’s collective welfare and try to abide by the societal rules to keep the family afloat. They let the whole society run smoothly without too many questions, rebellions, and revolts with the sole aim of maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for their family. 

Best way to bring up children 

Marriages pave the way for a safe family setup and the best way to bring up children safely and in a loving environment. Wedding sets the perfect platform for children to grow in a caring and secure environment in which they belong. 

Marriages not only create parents, but a whole bunch of relatives or small clan to call theirs for the children who closely associate with every aspect of their family. Most children love their family no matter how dysfunctional or embarrassing it might be and take pride in being its member until they reach a certain age and start questioning their parents. 

An eternally tying bond 

Evolution created a unique necessity to own and belong to one single person for the entire life. That is why most people find themselves loving one person their entire life, whether the relationship continues or not. This need is present in several species, from certain types of worms to wolves, beavers, barn owls, and several kinds of primates like gorillas, orangutans, and gibbons, and humans are no exception. 

The eternal bond formed with another human being gives immense satisfaction and contentment that is incomparable with any other form of pleasure in the world, making marriages sacred. Grand weddings have always been a way to celebrate a man or a woman finding this incredible bond that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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