How Can You Plan a Business Around the Booming Asian E-Commerce Market

Asia’s e-commerce market is alive and well and has injected new life into what Covid-19 has put a hold on. With such a booming e-commerce market, millions shop online, giving people access to goods and services they wouldn’t be able to access normally. If you want to tap into this lucrative e-commerce market, now is the time.

A market that you cannot ignore

Makati, the leading business district in Manila, Philippines, has always been seen as the place to start doing business in the Asian e-commerce market. In Makati, you don’t have to be tied down with long-term contracts, so you have flexibility with relocating to the area.

Coworking space Makati, in the Philippines’ Metro Manila region, will give you an amazing idea of what working in the Philippines is like and how awesome it can be tapping into the lucrative market.

As a startup, your business’s location is important as it will give you an idea of whether you can thrive. When you move your business online, you will want to be sure that you are going to have the right Internet speeds and the Philippines have up-to-date Internet services with fiber optic plans.

 E-commerce must be mobile-friendly

Online shoppers want convenience and a quality shopping experience. The Philippines is a mobile-centric region, with most households making use of smartphones as opposed to desktops. This means that if you operate an e-commerce website, it’s going to be important to optimize it for mobile devices.

Nowadays, Phillippine consumers use their smartphones to browse and make purchases. With mobile web searches being more than desktop searches, your online business has to show up well on smartphones and tablets.

Small screens need your business pages being easy to read and easy to navigate. Make your business easy to find on social media and sites such as Yelp and Google Maps.


After good prices and products, to plan an online business in Asia, ease of buying is of utmost importance. Any difficulties and you’ll never convert customers into advocates. There will need to be a massive focus on personalization and digital tools that track customers buying processes.

Personalization is nothing new but it’s because customers in Asia find it so important. Look at Asian countries such as Singapore. Countries like this are known as economic machines and behavior is even monitored by the state. Maybe it’s this mix of prosperity and social control that makes Asian countries like this so enticing to do business in.

Personalization extends into product offerings too. When shopping online, customers want to be able to ask questions about products. You need to provide them with the ability to chat with your customer services. This helps customers feel valued and it prevents them from becoming frustrated with buying.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is important for e-commerce businesses for achieving personalized customer experiences. It’s an essential component of the e-commerce industry and many online businesses use it for understanding their customers’ buying behavior. Advancements such as machine learning and the rise in mobile commerce, as already mentioned, are being used by retailers to improve the lives of online consumers.

AI-enabled software can perform a whole lot of complex tasks without your supervision. This means that customers can enjoy round-the-clock customer services.

Artificial Intelligence plays a role in marketing. Email marketing offers a high Return on Investment and you need to be using it as a marketing strategy and with AI. Email automation allows you to create emails that are triggered automatically by a subscriber’s activity, and this is AI at work.

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